About gogopdf

Go Go Power your PDF.

Welcome to gogopdf!

gogopdf is a powerful online suite specializing in the editing, creating, and scanning of PDF files. Take a peek inside gogopdf, and you’ll see over 20 strong, state of the art tools designed to boost productivity and improve workflow individually or as a group. Whether you are a student, employee, CEO or a private individual, with the use of gogopdf’s intuitive interface, you’ll start managing electronic documents within minutes.

At any time of the day and night, you can count on gogopdf’s wide range of tools to speed up or automate the daily jobs of people and businesses who often tackle big documents and share them with others.

Here’s just a few of the many things you can do with gogopdf, edit any PDF file by modifying the text or images, rotate PDF, compress it, apply specific passwords and restrictions - with gogopdf the possibilities are simply endless.

In line with our goal to deliver a superb and satisfying customer service experience, gogopdf supports conversion to a long list of file formats. We will try our best to add to the list, so if there is a format you cannot find on gogopdf, please contact us and we will try to do something about it.