Blackfeet Community College uses GogoPDF

PDF reader, editor, and converter websites are useful in schools, colleges, and universities in many ways. The platforms allow for easy PDF file access, updating, security, conversion, and sharing. Among the educational institutions experiencing the benefits of a powerful PDF tool is the Blackfeet Community College located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. The BFCC is now using the most convenient and versatile Word to PDF converter available for web and mobile, GogoPDF.


What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is a free SaaS or Software as a Service tool, therefore it is usable by anyone who has an internet connection. The flexible PDF converter works with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and mainstream browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Even though GogoPDF’s free version already has a multitude of functions, users have the option to upgrade to Pro, which is available for trial for up to 14 days. With GogoPDF Pro, the user can process and store unlimited files. Multiple files can be converted at once. The paid account also removes pop-up ads, including the unskippable types typically found on the free version. Pro users are also prioritized by the GogoPDF support team in case they encounter issues while using the service.

Why does GogoPDF suit BFCC?

With GogoPDF supporting educational institutions by granting free access, students of BFCC do not need to pay any more for expensive software subscriptions. An example is Adobe Acrobat DC, which costs them $14.99. GogoPDF is helpful for the college, for it is in a rural area that funding for technologies takes a long time to reach.

Moreover, with BFCC having Microsoft Word installed only on a few computers, a multifunction PDF converter website like GogoPDF is the best alternative for the program. Before, students have been using LibreOffice or notepad, which has limitations. LibreOffice does not have all the features Microsoft Office has and it produces files in ODT format. Notepad can only generate TXT files.

Top GogoPDF features for students or teachers

GogoPDF has more than 20 functions students and teachers can easily use for any subject or task, including essay writing, proposal making, collaborative projects, presentations, and assignments. Here are the service’s top features.

For Better Presentations: Convert Word to PDF


GogoPDF converts Word files to PDF in a few steps. The user has to upload the file by clicking "Select Files" or dragging and dropping it to the converter. The process is fast, ranging from seconds to a few minutes when one has a reliable internet connection. Once done, the page will show "Task Complete!". The file can be saved and the generated link can be emailed or added to social media.

The Word to PDF converter supports batch processing to save time. This feature is available on the GogoPDF Pro version.

Why convert Word to PDF? PDF files look more professional compared to Word files. This is true regardless if the application is for schools or offices. The PDF format is also more universal compared to DOCX, TXT, or ODT. To add, PDF is by default read-only so it is more secure. Nobody else other than the owner can overwrite it.

For Editing: Convert PDF to other formats


If word files can be converted to PDFs, then GogoPDF also lets the user do vice versa. The tool can turn PDF files into PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, and JPEG or PNG images.

How is this done? The user should select a PDF file to upload to the conversion area. GogoPDF will start the conversion process. It copies the format and text of the file accurately. Afterward, the new file will be downloadable to the device’s local storage, and shareable via social media and email.

For Saving PC Storage: Compress PDF


GogoPDF can reduce PDF size up to 90 percent less than the original file. How does the user compress PDF on this tool? Like the conversion process, he or she has to select or drag and drop the PDF files for those to upload on GogoPDF. The compression will be finished shortly. The user can then save the compressed PDF file to the computer or device, and send it through his or her preferred channel.

What are the advantages of compressed PDF files? In the college setting, teachers and students will find it easier to download and share. Take email for instance. Having smaller files for sending helps meet the email attachment limit, ensures fast message delivery, and prevents the server from overloading.

With BFCC’s case, it has a limited supply of computers so this also helps save storage capacity. Smaller files take less space on a hard drive.

For Better Accessibility: Share Document


GogoPDF allows for quick sharing of PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG files. All it takes is a few clicks. First, the user has to upload or drag and drop the file from the computer to the GogoPDF Share Document box. Second, he or she just has to wait for GogoPDF to pick up and scan the file. Lastly, once the "Task Complete!" page shows up and the download links become available, the user can choose from email, social media, and link sharing options. The email button is the red oval button under the filename, the social media choices are the boxes below the file and the shareable link is on the green bar further down the page.

Downloading the file for local storage is optional. The user can choose to save files processed via GogoPDF to the cloud. GogoPDF gives Google Drive and Dropbox as examples of cloud storage services it can work with.

Cloud compatibility is another feature that can help community educational institutions like BFCC save storage space and resources given the limited equipment and devices.

For Security: Encrypt PDF files


GogoPDF is good at preventing files from being altered and copied. It lets a user encrypt or password protect PDF, and add signatures and watermarks on them. It uses 256-bit AES encryption which has a very low rate of being breached. GogoPDF does not keep any PDF or private data inputted. Shareable links also expire to limit them to one-time use and prevent potential exposure to unwanted recipients.

How to encrypt a PDF? It is convenient to password protect your PDF files on GogoPDF. The user has to choose the file from the device and then drop it into the Protect PDF box. GogoPDF will then ask for a strong password that must have numbers, capital letters, and symbols. Once the password is given, the "Encrypt PDF" button should be clicked. After this step, the user can email the file or its link to share it, or send it via social media. He or she can also download and save the encrypted file to the local storage or the cloud.

To add watermark to PDF, the first step is the same. After PDF upload, the text or image to be used as a watermark should be pasted through the "Add Watermark" button. GogoPDF allows adjusting of watermark position. The file can be saved and shared once finished.

E-signing PDF is also as easy as 1-2-3. Once the PDF file is uploaded, the user just has to create the signature using a pen or mouse, save it and add it to the document. What’s nice about GogoPDF is that circulating documents for e-signatures is convenient. It will show you the signing status of signatories you’ve shared the file with. After everyone has signed, the completed file will be ready for download.

These features are great for teachers and students who want to prevent others from copying teaching materials, proposals, homework, and other files that may contain information that is not open to all. In BFCC and many other educational institutions, plagiarism is a big no-no for faculty and students.

It is also worth mentioning that e-signatures are also becoming more important now. It is because schools and businesses are shifting to a remote study and work setup as a result of the pandemic.

For Easy Updating: Unlock PDF


While GogoPDF is capable of encryption, it can also remove password from PDF. This can be done by uploading the encrypted file to the Unlock PDF pane. The user will be prompted to check the box on the next page to let GogoPDF know that he or she is an authorized person to unlock the specific file. A password will also be required on the next pane. After the "Decrypt PDF" button is clicked, the unlocked document becomes downloadable and shareable.

PDF files are typically locked by the owner so why bother unlocking it? Of course, there will be instances where one has to edit PDF files or the owner itself has forgotten the password due to the many codes he or she has to remember for many things, so this function has a purpose.

For Fixing Corrupted Files: Repair PDF


Files tend to become corrupted or broken, unable to open or be read, due to different reasons. The good news is that GogoPDF helps repair it. It is one of the few PDF converter websites that offer this feature.

How to fix corrupted files? Users can let the tool examine the problem by first uploading the file from the local storage or the cloud. Again, this just means dragging and dropping the document into the box. The repair will take a few seconds to minutes. When finished, the fixed file and its link become shareable through email or social media. The user is then able to download the repaired PDF file locally or reupload it to the cloud. GogoPDF can fix corrupted files completely or partially depending on how worse the problem is.

For Better Organization: Merge PDFs


GogoPDF is a strong file organization tool besides being a reliable PDF converter. It allows for quick sorting and unification of PDF files.

How to merge PDF files? To combine documents, the user has to select or drag and drop files to GogoPDF’s toolbox. There is an option to arrange the files in any order. The site will automatically merge them within seconds or minutes. Once ready, the consolidated version becomes available for download and sharing.

This function is ideal for collaborative schoolwork. Students can easily combine their work with their groupmates, for instance, and submit it as one file to their instructor.

For Page Removal: Split PDF


GogoPDF can also separate PDF pages from one file. Splitting a file on the website is as quick as merging documents. The process starts as the user uploads the file into the splitting area. GogoPDF provides options on how files can be split and what specific pages are to be taken out. After clicking the preferred option, extraction will start and finish in a breeze. The PDF files will be all set for download and sharing once complete.

Splitting PDFs is a convenient feature to have for teachers or students who want to share only a part of their PDF files or remove unnecessary pages.

For Tracking File Length: Number Pages


GogoPDF lets anyone add numbers to PDF files effortlessly. The user has to select or drag and drop the file to the Number Pages box, click on the part of the page where numbers should show up, and save that setting. After the "Number Pages" button is clicked, the user will also be able to download and share the updated file locally or via email and social media.

In a school or college setting, it is typical for teachers and students to assign and do write-ups for many things and page count is among the common requirements. This additional feature of the Gogopdf helps everyone keep track of how long a file is and navigate to a specific page fast.


GogoPDF is an all-around solution that addresses most of the needs of teachers, students, and educational institutions. The website’s greatest strengths are versatility, ease of use via its neat and simple user interface, and user-friendly instructions, numerous file-sharing options, and compatibility with many operating systems and browsers.

GogoPDF is a PDF converter tool that even people who are not tech experts will find useful. The free version itself is already rich in terms of functionality and enough for a school setting, but getting the paid version lets users maximize the service even more.