Chatting and Sharing Goes Hand in Hand with PDF

Chatting has evolved to sharing through the years. Individuals and businesses use mainstream chat software nowadays to reach out to people or clients and send out files online. Take for instance webmasters who use and various services to add chat features on their websites. These professionals communicate with end-users via chat, and that includes sharing content in PDF and other formats.

Chat is one of the quickest and most modern ways to talk to someone and share a file online but this does not mean it is the most professional and efficient way to do so. Moreover, for instances when chat customer service is unavailable, what can webmasters, professionals, and businesses rely on for conversations and file sharing?

Many people would think that email is the go-to alternative for chat. Yes, it is one of the top options available for everyone, but there is a better way to communicate and share files at the same time. Anyone, even those without technical expertise or know-how, can do these easily with GogoPDF.

Versatile online PDF converter


GogoPDF, in a nutshell, is a unique PDF converter website for it is very flexible as a free tool. Why? First, the service is compatible with computers, laptops, and mobile devices running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and popular browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Second, it already has more than 20 features, including PDF to other format conversion and vice versa, merge or split PDFs, lock or unlock PDFs, repair or protect PDFs, add watermark, number pages, and compress PDF online, which anyone can use before sharing a file. There are no other budget-friendly PDF services online that have as much as what GogoPDF can bring to the table.

Lastly, there is no need to spend a single cent to share a file through the platform. It can do any of the abovementioned jobs for free. Each can take seconds to a few minutes with a reliable internet connection.

GogoPDF lets users upgrade to Pro for an affordable price. What features does a paid account have that are not in the basic version? The premium service permits uploading and processing of multiple files simultaneously, has no ads and videos and gives unlimited storage and GogoPDF customer service priority. It can be tested for free for up to 14 days.

Pro users can opt-out of the premium subscription any time and it will take effect at the end of the current billing period.

Professional file sharing

Online PDF converter GogoPDF can double as a comprehensive email service. This means users can share a file and compose a professional message, complete with a subject line and body text, to go with it unlike in chat where messages are usually perceived to be casual or informal. The tool works with third-party emailing companies so that messages and files are guaranteed to be delivered to all recipients and never end up in the trash as junk email.

GogoPDF also promotes the use of PDF files through its easy conversion options: Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, or HTML to PDF. Why the emphasis on PDF more than other file formats?

PDF files look more professional compared to word or text files. Being read-only documents with fixed formatting, files appear the same across devices, operating systems, and browsers. There are no missing fonts, links, images, and graphs and tables with PDF documents. Other file types are prone to get tampered with or do not retain their format so they will appear messy or incomplete on certain devices and platforms.

PDF files are also multidimensional, meaning photos, videos, animations, audio, hyperlinks, buttons, models, and more besides text can be integrated into the documents. Pages become more interactive and interesting because of these. PDF files with different types of content can be consolidated hassle-free through a PDF editing tool for making professional presentations or building any kind of portfolio.

In terms of version independence, PDF files boast universal compatibility. The documents can be opened on any reader regardless of what version or brand the program is. There is no issue unlike in Word or PowerPoint files where .doc and .docx, and .ppt and .pptx documents only open on specific versions of the said office applications.

PDF files are also widely used by many people from all walks of life worldwide, including employees, students, and regular individuals. Anyone nowadays has an idea about or has experienced the convenience PDF files bring. Moreover, the popularity of these files continues to grow because computers, laptops, and mobile devices usually have built-in software or apps for viewing, reading, editing, and sharing these documents.

Efficient file sharing

GogoPDF lets you meet the file size limits typically set on regular email or chat. Mainstream email platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail restrict file attachments to 20 to 25MB. If the limit is reached, sending will not proceed or files will be added as a cloud-based download link. Other email services even allow only an overall size of 10MB or less for attachments. Facebook Messenger also has a 25MB limit while WhatsApp only permits 16MB in total for all kinds of media.

To add, email expands the original file size by 30 percent due to encoding, and some chat services may allow hosting of big files but those have the tendency to not look good once uploaded. Files are either blurred or worse, would not load at all. Tech experts often say that it is recommended to keep the file size below 10MB for seamless sending.

Why is there a need to reduce file sizes online and offline? First, big files can overload a server or website. Second, those files slow down the transmission of messages regardless if it is chat or email that is used. Third, if there are plenty of files to be sent, it is simply more efficient to send smaller files as those can be opened by readers fast. Lastly, when it comes to downloads and local storage, it is a given that it is easier to save and back up small files. Computers, laptops, and mobile devices have limited hard disk space, and this is a big issue particularly for old gadgets. Equipment could also be scarce for offices or institutions therefore saving storage is important.

GogoPDF solves these problems by making the files lighter without compromising the quality. With its compression technology, users will not notice the difference between a 10 and 1MB file. GogoPDF’s Compress PDF file feature can trim the file up to 90 percent less than the original size and maintain its integrity. Pro account users are given the choice to pick the higher compression percentage although the regular compression option is already good.


Here is how to compress a PDF online via GogoPDF:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the blue Compress PDF box.
  3. On the toolbox, click "Select a File…" or drop a file to upload it.
  4. Choose from basic or strong compression (available for Pro account users).
  5. Wait for the compression to finish.
  6. Secure a copy of the resized file through the "Task Complete!" page.
  7. Share the file via the available options.

Chat and multichannel sharing combined

GogoPDF works with chat software, and several popular social media and cloud services, aside from email. Some of the mainstream channels the tool supports are WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. GogoPDF helps clients communicate and manage their shareable files in one powerful platform the way they want it.

With its great web integration, webmasters, individuals, and businesses can craft messages and content tailored to any official purpose or target recipients. The reach can be wide or specific because GogoPDF does not limit users to just one channel. The sender may choose social media if the recipients are young professionals or select the email option if the purpose is strictly for business, for example.


Here is how to share a file via GogoPDF:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Share Document box.
  3. On the toolbox, click "Select a File…" or drop a file to upload it.
  4. Wait for GogoPDF to finish uploading.
  5. Send the file through social media, email and link options on the "Task Complete!" page.
  6. Save a copy of the file to your device.

Easy signing of PDFs while away

Webmasters often receive via chat an Insertion Order (IO), a document containing an agreement between them and the advertiser regarding the ads that will run on the website for a specific period. Other individuals, professionals, and businesses may also need to sign a PDF for different purposes, such as for legal contracts and agreements, enacting company rules, guidelines, or memos, and allocating or purchasing services, and bank payments.

Regardless of who is signing and for what application, the process can be tedious for one has to download and open the file, fill it out, and print, sign manually, scan, and upload and send it back via chat or email. This takes plenty of minutes to hours to accomplish. What more if the person has to work on multiple documents or have other important or urgent tasks to do for the day?

GogoPDF is handy for anyone who needs to Sign a PDF while active or away on chat. The tool can append a signature on a file fast, taking just a few steps. It also rivals Docusign, having convenient signing status alerts if there are other signatories the document has to be circulated to.


Here is how to sign a PDF via GogoPDF:

  1. Go to
  2. Look for and select the blue "eSign PDF" box.
  3. On the toolbox, click "Select a File…" or drag and drop a file to upload it.
  4. On the top-left corner field, create a signature using a digital pen or mouse or upload an image of it.
  5. On the top-center field, type your initials and choose the format.
  6. On the top-right field, fill in "Signer" details.
  7. Click on the part of the uploaded PDF pages to put the signature on.
  8. Select from the pop-up menu the signature, initials, date and more.
  9. Click on the blue "Review & Send" button on the top-right corner of the toolbox.
  10. Add the email addresses of the file recipients and compose a message.
  11. Click on the blue "Finish & Send" button when done.
  12. Check the signing status of signatories GogoPDF will alert about.
  13. Download the completely signed file to the computer or device’s local storage or send it through GogoPDF’s email feature.

Users who sign plenty of PDFs will appreciate GogoPDF’s eSign feature even more for there is no need to repeat creating the signature from scratch every time there is a new document. Some of the initial steps stated above can already be skipped. Users can proceed immediately to clicking on the part of the document where the signature, initials, date, and other information are to be affixed.

This feature also helps in document accuracy checking and signature consistency. Many would agree that it is harder to sign files using a digital pen or mouse multiple times compared to doing it traditionally on paper.

Safe file access and sharing

Another key feature users will love about GogoPDF is that it raises the bar for file security. The platform treats everything that is uploaded as confidential.

GogoPDF does not save and analyze a file. It erases the file from its server within an hour after being uploaded and requires the signatories’ consent before enabling the sharing or unlocking of documents. This way, it becomes difficult for hackers or cybercriminals to track GogoPDF users’ online file uploading, conversion, and sharing activities.

Moreover, the tool can protect PDF files further via 256-bit encryption which is hard or nearly impossible to decrypt. Although encryption is also provided by chat and email services, and PDFs are by default uneditable, users can add passwords and watermarks on the documents for tighter security.


Here is how to password protect a PDF via GogoPDF:

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Select a File…" or drop the file on the toolbox.
  3. Wait for the upload to finish.
  4. On the two fields on the next pane, type in the password.
  5. Make a strong password that combines letters, numbers, and special characters.
  6. Click the green "Encrypt PDF" button on the top-right corner of the pane.
  7. Select how and where to share the files when the "Task Complete!" page shows up.
  8. The file can be downloaded on a device’s local storage.


To add watermark on a PDF using GogoPDF:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Select a File…" or drag and drop the file on the Add Watermark pane.
  3. Wait for the file to upload.
  4. On the next pane, type or import the watermark to use by clicking the "Add Watermark" button.
  5. Adjust the watermark position on the page.
  6. Save the file to the computer or device or share it via the available link, email, or social media channels.

GogoPDF is a simple way to add more layers of protection to a document before and during the sharing process. It is good at reminding and guiding everyone about the restrictions whenever those are needed. This way, files will not be exposed to unwanted recipients accidentally.

Users can choose to apply multiple safety features for maximum privacy control. With GogoPDF, anyone can avoid identity theft, phishing, stealing of account credentials, and other potential aftermaths of data leaks that other PDF services do not or cannot protect against.


In these modern times when everything is available as digital content and fast-paced, including communication and sharing, chat and email are good for reaching out to other people and disseminating PDF files. While these may be commonly used by working individuals and businesses, the said two services still cannot beat a do-it-all tool like GogoPDF when it comes to sending files in a professional, quick, safe, and efficient way.

GogoPDF takes file sharing to the next level with its versatility, efficiency, user-friendliness, and security. It can also be used at any time and from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection, perfect for today’s on-the-go generation.

For anyone looking for an all-around solution for editing and sharing files, the free online PDF converter tool is a must-try. See for yourself how you can connect with others and share content seamlessly with this powerful online platform now.