It’s Free to Download PDF

Have you ever used an online PDF converter tool only to find out that you have to pay to download your converted PDF file? Now, there’s an online service where you can convert your files and download them for free! With gogoPDF, you can convert almost any document type and it’s free to download the PDF version.

What Is gogoPDF?

gogoPDF provides a free service to upload, share, and download your converted PDF files. Unlike most free online PDF converters, gogoPDF puts no limitations on how many files you can upload, share, or download. The great thing about this online tool is it lets you use many premium features for free; features that require a subscription to other PDF converter programs. An example of a premium feature that is not available in others is the PowerPoint to PDF conversion.

You can use the service directly from your web browser whether you are using a Mac or a PC. From the site, you can convert Word docs to PDF and the other way around. Another of its unique features is that it can convert Excel to PDF which is not often offered in other PDF apps, even paid ones. All features are free to use. gogoPDF will save you money since there are so many functionalities that you can utilize without paying for a "Pro" version like other apps. Its technology and user-friendly interface also ensure that you can easily upload and download your PDF files in a matter of minutes if not seconds. But aside from PPT to PDF and others mentioned above, you can do so much more! Here are some of its other valuable features:


Most likely, you have not encountered a PDF converter app that can convert PDF to PNG. PNG stands for portable network graphics; it is a file type that contains an image like a JPEG/JPG. Imagine having a PDF file as an image. With the PDF to PNG feature, you can open the image with your photos app or save it in your gallery, and it will be easily accessible by anyone.


The same is true for JPEG files. An interesting fact, JPEG is an acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group which created the file format. With gogoPDF, you can convert JPEG/JPG images to PDF. This JPG to PDF feature comes in very handy when you have a large image file. PDF files are typically smaller so it will be easier to send them via email and you will save storage space on your computer or mobile phone.

Converting Excel to PDF

It was briefly mentioned above that gogoPDF also has a feature where you can convert Excel to PDF. But what exactly is an Excel file and how does this conversion work?

What is Excel?

Excel is a program developed by Microsoft. It lets you create spreadsheets where you can organize, store, and manipulate data. Using an Excel spreadsheet, you can let the program process mathematical equations by itself so you don’t have to do them manually. That is just one example of its features. You can sort entries in alphabetical order, date, and so on.

Who Uses Excel?

A lot of people, professionals, and non-professionals alike use Excel to organize data. It is very common in office settings where people need to track important information. Within an excel file, you can also compute time differences so it can be used by companies to track their employees’ time records. You can also make graphs within an Excel file so it is a popular tool in the marketing industry.

Students also use Excel. They can track their grades, attendance, quizzes, exams, etc. Even people who are not working in an office environment sometimes use Excel. You can use it for your household needs such as listing your groceries and tracking how much you spend on each item. It’s quite helpful in organizing your household budget.

Advantages of Converting Excel to PDF

gogoPDF will let you upload multiple files in batches of up to 20 files and automatically ZIP it for you. You will then be able to send this zip file to your recipient using the "share file" option. Using gogoPDF to convert your Excel files to PDF is one of the fastest ways available on the market, especially when compared to converting it within the Microsoft Excel app. Doing so can only process one file at a time. gogoPDF lets you convert files like XLS or XLSX to PDF easily. Letting gogoPDF sort these types of tedious tasks for you saves you time so you can focus on what really matters. Remember that these features are all free to use so anyone can use the service at any time!

How To Use the XLS to PDF Function?

  1. From the home page, click on the green box that says Excel to PDF.
  2. If you are on another page, you can also hover your mouse on Tools and select Excel to PDF below "Convert".
  3. Click on Select Files in the action box or drag and drop your Excel files. Remember that you can upload more than one file at a time.
  4. gogoPDF will start converting your files. It will only take a few minutes.
  5. You can then download your file to your computer. If you convert multiple Excel files, you will receive a Zip folder.

PPT to PDF for Sharing

Another great feature of this online PDF converter tool is that you can also convert then share PowerPoint slides to PDF. gogoPDF supports both .PPT and .PPTX file formats. Converting your PowerPoint files to PDF means anyone can view them and they don’t need to install any Microsoft software to open them. Similar to Excel conversion, you can upload multiple PPT files in batches and convert them into PDF which will be stored in a Zip file. Upload or drag and drop as many files as you want and it will automatically convert them!

How To Use the PPT to PDF Function?

  1. From the home page, on the right side, click on the yellow box that says PPT to PDF.
  2. If you are on another page, you can also hover your mouse on Tools and select PPT to PDF under Convert.
  3. Click on Select Files in the action box or drag and drop your PowerPoint documents. Remember that you can upload more than one file at a time.
  4. gogoPDF will start the conversion process. It will only take a few minutes.
  5. You can then download your file to your computer or view it using a PDF viewer/reader. If you convert multiple PPT files, you will receive a Zip folder.

Reversing a PDF to PNG

If for some reason, you would like to convert your PDF file into an image, gogoPDF can also do that for you. Some people prefer PNG to JPEG when it comes to images. Above, it’s mentioned briefly what PNG and JPEG mean but how are they different?

What Is a PNG File?

Again, PNG stands for portable network graphics. When you download images from the web, you might have noticed that they almost always have the PNG extension. It was developed so that people can transfer images from the web and save them on their devices, but it is not ideal for printing.

What Is the Difference Between PNG and JPG?

As mentioned above, JPG/JPEG stands for Joint Photographics Experts Group. But first, are JPG and JPEG the same? These two are the same formats except that JPG has been used in the older Windows Operating Systems (OS).

The difference between a PNG and a JPEG lies more in the image quality. A JPEG/JPG image balances the image quality and file size. JPEG files are typically smaller than PNG files because it compresses or reduces the quality of the image but it still maintains the true-color image so it is suitable for printing. A PNG, on the other hand, has a "lossless" data compression so the quality of the image, especially online, is better than a JPG. However, it is not suitable for printing.

gogoPDF can convert your PDF file to PNG. It will also let you upload several files in batches so you can convert them only once.

How To Use the PDF to PNG Function?

  1. Look at the left-most part of the options on the home page and select the green box that says PDF to PNG.
  2. If you are on another page, you can also hover your mouse on Tools and select PDF to PNG under Convert from PDF.
  3. Select your PDF files or drag and drop them into the action box. You can upload multiple files at once.
  4. gogoPDF will start the conversion process. It will only take a few minutes.
  5. You can then download your file to your computer or view the image in your Photos app or gallery. If you convert multiple PDF files, you will receive a Zip folder containing the PNG images.

Getting Your Images to PDF

Got a ton of JPG files or images that you need to send to several people? Images can be bulky and size and converting them to PDF or putting them into a PDF file is a good idea. With gogoPDF, you can insert these images and turn them into a single PDF document. Doing this will automatically reduce the file size of 20 images.

With the option to insert images in a PDF document, you can create a nice presentation from photos you have taken whether it’s for work or personal purposes. The JPG to PDF function also supports other file formats like BMP, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. So, if you have great-looking images but they are in different formats, gogoPDF can still read and transform them into a PDF!

gogoPDF is truly a reliable online tool where it’s free to download your converted PDF files. It is free for everyone so you no longer need to worry about paying for a premium service or a subscription. The easy sharing option lets other people see your hard work and you don’t need to send files that are huge in size. You will also have an easier time looking for files when they are sent to your email inbox. Forget all other services because all you need is gogoPDF!