Making Music With Gogopdf

Making Music With Gogopdf

by gogopdf


Who runs the world? It depends on who you ask. In the world of file formats, document formats and file extensions, PDF is king. PDF runs the world! PDF has become the standard file format for document sharing and document exchange. Whether you're a CEO, student, or run of the mill cubicle dweller, no matter what level you’re at, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t know how to open, convert, edit, or secure a PDF.

Tough call, we know, but it’s the truth! Almost everyone uses PDF because it is so flexible and easy to use. I can be opened on any device on any operating system, and it takes little space on your hard drive. But it’s not perfect, and it’s got a downside just like any other tool out there - to use it, you‘ll need to install a specific form of software. But if you’re in a hurry, or you can’t afford the software, file conversion tools like the ones found in gogopdf will do the job for you.


What is gogopdf? Gogopdf is an online web-based file conversion tool that lets you access and edit PDF files comfortably. Compress PDF online, Password Protect PDF, convert Word to PDF online - these are just three of the 26 tools in gogopdf’s powerful online suite. Go to to see more!

With gogopf, you can easily and securely convert your files without experiencing mishaps, compatibility problems or security issues. Plus, with gogopdf, users don’t have to wait for every conversion to finish. You can simultaneously convert numerous files without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Everyday, more and more industries are using gogopdf’s tools to boost productivity and improve workflow individually, or as a group. In fact, many in the culture and creative industries have benefited greatly from gogopdf. You’re probably thinking, in an industry where work can be a dramatic success or failure depending on your creative output, how are file conversion tools part of the picture?

Gogopdf’s Role In The Songwriting Process

Here’s how. We all know that music making is a collaborative activity. After a musician writes the lyrics of a future song, he or she will need to add in the melody, harmony, and rhythm while still being creative and true to the message of the music. It’s a balancing act of sorts, and in order to finish a song, the musician needs help from various people. Once the singer or songwriter is finished writing the lyrics, if he or she isn’t familiar with the other parts of the process, then he or she usually sends the lyrics to the music producer, fellow composers, or audio engineers, for the rest of the process.

Word to PDF

Sometimes the recipient of the lyrics may not have the correct tool to open a musician’s file. If you’re the songwriter, and you’re in a hurry, you’ll be wasting precious minutes, seconds, even hours, converting the file. But if you convert it to PDF, it will be in a file format that can be read by most operating systems; Linux, Windows, Mac, or any of the other ones. Converting it to a PDF is the most efficient way to speed up the songwriting process.

Plus, if you use gogopdf to convert your file, you won’t have to worry if your file is in .TXT or .DOC format because, gogopdf accepts almost all text-writing formats. Your file can be in .ODT, .TXT, .DOC, or .RTF, and gogopdf will still accept it and convert it to PDF. That’s how flexible gogopdf is!

Here’s another way musicians make use of gogopdf tools - what if, as a songwriter, as you go through the songwriting process, you realize you’ve got more than one file to convert? You wake up one night and decide to write so many songs, and now you need to send all of them at once.

With gogopdf, that won’t be a problem. Gogopdf’s PRO account also comes with a batch conversion feature that allows you to batch convert files to PDF. With any other type-writing software like Microsoft Word, you would need to do it one by one.

Isn’t that amazing? Gogopdf is more efficient than your usual file conversion software. With Gogopdf’s Word to PDF converter online tool, professional-quality PDFs are yours to have and to hold in just a few minutes! Plus, it is so quick and easy to use, you can convert your files anywhere you go - at home, at the office, even on the road! How amazing is that?!

To explain things more effectively, check out our step-by-step guide below:

  1. Retrieve the Word document from your device, or just drag and drop it into the conversion spot.
  2. Gogopdf will begin to transform your file.
  3. Wait until your Word document is converted to PDF.
  4. Download and save your brand new, newly converted PDF file on your computer. Want to show off your new file? Copy the link and share it on any of your social media accounts straight from the gogopdf site!

Chat Apps Contribution To The Songwriting Process

Gone are the days of communicating only through email. Nowadays, nearly everyone talks to family, friends, and colleagues through chat apps or mobile messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Chat apps are the communication tools of the present and the future. Several workers can communicate with one another in real time through chat apps. Chat apps have tons of cool features as well, like video calling services, etc.

Chat apps are great for talking to people, but if you need to send a PDF file through WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram or other third party apps or software, you’re going to have a problem. Most chat apps accept files of up to a certain size. You need to reduce the size of your PDF without affecting the quality of your document. Seems impossible? Well, with gogopdf, the impossible becomes possible. Gogopdf’s Compress PDF free online tool reduces file size without compromising quality. It can even optimize up to 90% of the original size of a PDF!

Compress PDF

Furthermore, compressing PDF files benefits both sender and receiver. The smaller and more compact the document, the quicker and easier it is to download. Needless to say, in the fast-paced world of music and entertainment, the Compress PDF tool is a must-have device for all serious singers, songwriters, or music producers.

Case in point - if a songwriter needs to send a lyric or melody for evaluation by the entire music team, but has an emergency meeting or family emergency and cant get to their laptop in time, the songwriter can just go to gogopdf, compress it there, and send it to the chat group! Instead of sending a 20MB email, that will take forever to upload, once gogopdf is done with it, the file will be only 5MB in size, with the quality of the original document intact.

We show you the exact steps below:

  1. Go to Once you’re there, click on the Compress PDF box.
  2. Get the PDF file you want to compress from your computer, or drag and drop it to the conversion box.
  3. Once you’ve uploaded or dragged the file, gogopdf will start the compression of your PDF.
  4. Wait for conversion to be completed.
  5. Once it’s done, download the compressed file, save it to your device, or share your newly compressed PDF on all your social media accounts.

Share PDF

Sometimes chat apps don’t work, or aren’t appropriate for a certain situation, and you need to email files and folders securely and easily with other people. For instance, as a musician, you‘ll encounter clients who would like to receive audio files, video files and documents via email. If you’re composing a song and the head of the record label wants to hear it, you can’t just send it to him or her via WhatsApp, it’ll look highly unprofessional, you’re not at the same level, and the last thing you want to do is give the wrong impression.

That said, an audio file can be up to 200MB, and video files can range from 10MB, for a simple one-minute video, to a 100MB or more for a longer video, making them too large to attach to an email

What to do, what to do? Great news, Gogopdf’s document sharing tool is here to come to your rescue! This cool file conversion tool lets you send and share documents, images, audio and video files as big as 5 gigabytes via a download link sent directly to your contacts. Gogopdf supports TIFF, PNG, GIF, PDF, JPG, BMP, DOCX, XLS, PPT and a variety of other file formats. You can email or share straight from the gogopdf site anywhere, anytime, and from any device! Isn’t that cool?

The Share Document function also allows you to personalize the files you send to others. When you send the email with the download link to your recipient, you’re free to place an additional message at the bottom of the form. Type whatever you want in the form field, whether it’s a thank you note to a client, or instructions on what to do with the audio or video clip you emailed.

Above all, it’s free, and you need to follow only four key steps to make it happen. We explain it all to you below:

  1. Get the document you want to share from your device, or drag and drop it to the toolbox.
  2. Click on the Share File button. Gogopdf will begin processing your file.
  3. Email the download link together with a personal message, or copy the link, paste it on a text or email, and send it to your recipient.
  4. Make a personal copy of what you sent. Don’t forget to download the file and save it to your device. If you want to share your file across different social media platforms, like Facebook, etc, gogopdf lets you do that, straight from the site!

Protect PDF

It is important for anyone who has created intellectual property to protect their work. What exactly is intellectual property? Intellectual property is defined as any type of work that is the result of creativity, and songwriting definitely falls into that category!

Musicians work long and hard on their original music. They pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their songs. Unfortunately, more often than not, musicians get their work stolen from them when they don’t do what is necessary to protect themselves and the music that they create. Putting a password on one’s file is one of the most simple yet obvious ways to restrict people from using your creation without your permission.

Gogopdf’s Protect PDF tool can help you do just that. It is an awesome file security tool that provides 128-bit AES password-protected encryption to all PDF files. When a file is encrypted with a 128-bit key, it’s as if you put a huge lock around it, and threw away the key. To crack anything encrypted with 128-bit encryption will take thousands of years. It would take 128 different combinations to break the encryption key, a task that even the most powerful computer won't be able to do!

Therefore, if you are a musician, and you want to make sure your work is protected, the best thing you can do is to trust gogopdf. The site’s Protect PDF tool will help you take the all important first step towards a more secure future. In just a few clicks, your files will be equipped with an encryption security protocol to prevent unwanted individuals from ever touching your files.

Read on on how to password protect a pdf:

  1. Get the PDF you wish to encrypt. Retrieve it from your device, or drag and drop it into the toolbox.
  2. Type in your password. Think and long hard before writing anything down. Gogopdf accepts only strong and very specific characters, characters and symbols.
  3. You’re given two ways to send the file - directly email the file, copy and paste the link to a text, or email then send it out to other people. Either option is absolutely valid.
  4. Once you’re done, download and save your newly encrypted file to your device, Google, or Dropbox account.


Technology has made radical transformations in how we listen to and make music. Songs are produced on digital audio workstations, not analog tapes, and music streaming has clearly taken over all other forms of music consumption.Long gone are the days when artists would take years to release songs. In order to stay relevant, musicians need to churn out songs as fast as they can, and technological advances such as file conversion tools and pdf conversion tools significantly speed up and streamline the songwriting process.

In many ways, the tools of gogopdf play a vital role in strengthening the music industry. Thanks to gogopdf, music producers and artists can type out their work and convert everything to a readable, optimized and downloadable format. And since it is a 100% free service, and has no limits, struggling musicians with little to no income will also be able to benefit from it.

Websites like the defunct DJCJ Gigs Guide And Linux Audio Users Guide have also made great contributions to the music business, but in a more direct and diverse manner. DJCJ’s publishing of concert schedules helped music fans stay connected to their favorite artists, while the site’s audio users section served as a guide and helpful tool in the creation of audio software.

DJCJ Gigs Guide And Linux Audio Users Guide was outwardly recognized by the music industry, but the same thing can’t be said for gogopdf yet. In multiple ways, gogopdf has helped make big dreams come true, and it’s high time the site gets recognized for it, don’t you think?

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