Shareware with free usage on PDF

Shareware is a type of commercial software that is distributed for free to users, which eventually requires them to pay for continued usage of the software. Shareware is also known to use paywalls for advanced features that often start off premium monthly or annual subscriptions to enjoy the software's full benefits. Even then, software options hold nothing back from the very start, and their performance makes you understand that the investment is worth it. If you need shareware for all A great example of this type of software would be the online PDF editor and converter tool Gogopdf.

What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is a powerful and comprehensive web-based service for converting, editing and sending PDF files. The software has the ability to convert files to PDF format, rotate PDF files, delete PDF pages, share files online, and so much more. GogoPDF is generally considered as shareware, although it can also be considered as freeware on mobile platforms. The complete set of features are made available to the public over the GogoPDF website. Users are given 14 days, after which they would have to switch to the premium version. Shareware is often confused with freeware, but the main difference between these two is that the latter is unconditionally available for use while the former type of software often offers the package for a limited time.

GogoPDF is one of the most trusted options for converting files to PDF formats. In fact, it's often dubbed as the internet’s best online PDF converter. Some users have also compared it to the critically acclaimed Adobe DC Pro for its file conversion abilities. Whatever subtype of PDF that you need, this software can convert it for you. It also offers tools to improve or preserve your documents' structure and layout for professional-looking documents. The software is available as an online platform that you can access anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser. The software works with all major browsers and is also accessible via mobile phone, tablet, or computer. GogoPDF is also free to use, and no monthly fees are imposed. Some of the notable software functions include: SharePDF, Powerpoint to PDF, Delete PDF Pages, and more.

The Secure PDF Version

One of the most useful features of GogoPDF is its file conversion to PDF/A format. Converting your files to PDF/A format can help leave your documents safe, accessible, and secure for the long-term. PDF/A is the archival format of standard PDF. It's used for long-term file storage due to its ability to preserve the integrity of files. All the information that you need to display the document is embedded within the PDF file. This ensures that the recipients of the file can reproduce it in the same way regardless of what software they use. The format also protects the file from unwanted modifications. It's flexible enough to fit in well with new software even ten years ahead of time. Academic institutions sometimes require document submissions to be in PDF/A format, which can be classified further into three sub-types: PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2u.

Share Documents Online

GogoPDF is not limited to converting files to various formats. The software also lets you share voluminous files with other people. The online tool lets you upload large files onto the server, after which it generates a link that contains the file. The process also uses GogoPDF's own email servers to send the attachments to your friends and colleagues. You can create personalized messages regarding the file and send the link to the file via email. You can also copy and paste the link on social media. Users who want to open the file can click on the link to download the file or re-share the link to their own networks. Users can share a large variety of files, including PDF extensions. It is completely free to share your files online, and the online platform makes it easy to send files anywhere and whenever you want.

Convert Powerpoint to PDF

Powerpoint presentations have always been a vital document in the workplace. But sometimes the Microsoft version that you’re editing isn’t the most presentable format. There are definitely times when you'll want to convert PPT to PDF, especially if you need to distribute it to other people. Microsoft Powerpoint has a built-in feature for converting presentations to PDF. But there are times when this doesn't work, in which case you will need special software to get the job done. Users can either rely on freeware, shareware, or paid software to do these tasks. GogoPDF can convert PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, and Excel to PDF. It can also do the reverse and convert PDF to the original format.

The trick is to drag and drop, or manually upload, files onto the PDF converter panel and let the software handle the rest. GogoPDF supports PPT and PPTX file formats, so it doesn't matter which version of Powerpoint you are using. Converting your files comes free with GogoPDF, so you don't have to pay anything to get your files to the correct format. Anyone can view the file without using special software from Microsoft or anywhere else. GogoPDF is also able to convert multiple files of the same type at once. This is something that Microsoft can't do and is an advantage. You can drag and drop as many files as you want, and the software will automatically convert them. This is a quick and easy way to get your presentations ready for your reading audience in no time.

Rotate PDF Files

Not all PDF documents are alike, and some documents are just a bit off in their standard orientation. These problems tend to occur with scanned or photocopied documents that can end up upside down or slightly skewed in their basic orientation. Some documents just aren't well put together. Of course, there's always a possibility for human error when it comes to small things like this. But of course, having files in the wrong orientation can leave a bad impression, especially in professional circles. The way to fix this is, of course, to rotate the document so you can get a better view, and most PDF readers have built-in tools that let you do exactly this. Adobe DC Pro has a unique tool to rotate PDF files, but it comes with a premium subscription that can set you backup to USD 14.99 per month. GogoPDF can accomplish the same task absolutely for free. Simply upload the document that needs fixing and navigate the toolbars to get the exact angle that you think your document should be in. There's a slight catch, though.

This feature only supports PDF formats, which makes a lot of sense since you can always change orientation on documents that you are still editing. But with PDF files, the contents are pretty much fixed, so there's not much you can do to change it other than changing the orientation. The same feature has been implemented in other tools such as Split PDF and Merge PDF. The rotate PDF online function is very useful when you have to work files with skewed orientations. Obviously, you won’t be able to change the orientation of the text or photo within the file since it’s been frozen in PDF wonder. Lucky for you, there is a quick solution to fixing even the external orientation of the document to keep it from being a complete mess. And that’s something GogoPDF can do very quickly.

Delete Unwanted Pages

Most documents need to undergo an editing process. Part of this process involves deleting sections that don't make sense or even detract from the work's integrity. Let's say the ideas on those pages don't match the rest of the text, or the content turns out to have been repeated without you noticing. In other cases, the file is simply too large, and you only need a portion of it. Let's say you have a PDF document with thousands of pages, but you only need a chapter for reference. In other cases, the excess pages have nothing on them. There is a long list of potential reasons why you would want to remove pages from a PDF, but regardless of your reason you're going to need an effective tool to get the job done.

The standard Adobe PDF Reader and plenty of other PDF readers don't carry page deletion features. But you don't need to search the internet for software to get things done because GogoPDF is all you'll need. GogoPDF's online software makes it easy for a user to delete pages from a PDF file. Of course, the process starts with you uploading a PDF document. The software lets you preview the document so you can delete pages individually. The software lets you preview a page before you delete it to help you avoid making mistakes. Many users find this feature very useful. It's great for when you need to take out specific chapters from voluminous books or journals.


GogoPDF is an excellent software for managing all things PDF. It can solve almost any task that has to do with PDF, from file conversion to editing and sharing. There’s even a PDF reader in-app for reading files online. It quickly converts files to whatever format you need them to be in. It’s also handy for correcting PDFs that didn’t quite meet your expectations. The ability to send large PDF files is also amazing because most email providers nowadays can’t handle the attachment load. You can use the complete set of services for free without having to download special software. Many platforms are offering to help you convert, edit, and share your PDFs online. Still, not all of them can offer the same quality of service that GogoPDF does. If you want to make sure that PDF files are handled correctly, GogoPDF is the way to go.