Slideshows with PDF – A Guide for Using PowerPoint Slides and PDF

Many of us have encountered a PowerPoint presentation at least once in our lives. Whether it’s for business, educational, or leisure purposes, a PowerPoint Presentation or PPT is a great way to showcase a slideshow. It gets our desired messages to an audience in simple yet creative ways with different animation and design options. Users often use a PPT for its creative options but these often become a problem because the file becomes too big. In that case, you can always convert the PPT to PDF. But what happens after the conversion? Will it make much of a difference when you present it?

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can easily convert PPT to PDF and other useful tools that you should know about.

What is PDF?

The Portable Document Format or PDF is one of the most commonly used file types today. PDF files are made to enable easier sharing, distribution, and sharing of files. They are made so that users can easily view documents without the fear of accidentally editing or removing parts of the document. You cannot edit a PDF file unless you have a third-party program that can do so.

PDF files are most commonly used in business for forms, contracts, and other important paperwork. By using a PDF, it lessens the risk of confidential information to be leaked or stolen from the document. Students, on the other hand, use the file format to submit schoolwork and sometimes even use the file format as a means to store their notes for quick access.

There are many ways on how you can use the file format. PDF is a great way to share files and ensure that the file is protected from unwanted changes. Further, it’s also an easier way to view and open files if you’re looking to present them. It’s a very useful file to have because of its size and ease of use.

What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

Put simply, a PowerPoint Presentation or PPT is a presentation program by Microsoft that allows users to quickly create clean and well-designed slideshow presentations. With the program, users can add creative details, transitions, animations, and even media files to their presentations.

A PowerPoint Presentation is usually used to make impactful presentations and decks for businesses. With a well-made PPT, it’s guaranteed that your boss or a potential client will be impressed. Apart from business, PPTs are also used by students and teachers for educational purposes as learning is made more interactive with a creative presentation. A PPT can also allow users to create simple games that they can play with their peers.

Ultimately, many things can be done with a PPT, however, it’s not always efficient to have especially if it’s too big in file size. Fortunately, you can always convert Powerpoint to PDF and Gogopdf can do that for you.

What is Gogopdf?

Gogopdf is a handy online suite that you can use for your PDF files. You can easily create, edit, and scan your PDF files with its state of the art tools that includes converting PowerPoint to PDF and PPTX to PDF among others. Gogopdf is equipped with over 20 tools that can help to improve the user’s productivity and ease their workflow.

It is an easy-to-use suite that everyone can use. From students to corporate affairs, Gogopdf can help assist them with their PDF and file related needs. Students, most especially, can use the online suite for their schoolwork such as presentations, paperwork, and even help them produce good quality images.

Companies, on the other hand, use the online suite to edit, convert and even make their files more secure. Further, the suite is also a great tool for companies who need to manage a massive amount of files because the said files can easily be navigated through and accessed in a convenient online suite.

Gogopdf can be used across all major operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s also compatible across different browsers. Further, you can also trust that you’ll get your files in just a matter of minutes. Gone are days when you had to wait long minutes and sometimes even hours for your files to be edited. Gogopdf guarantees to be able to give you your new files in just a couple of minutes.

Apart from its conversion, gogopdf also has other convenient tools that everyone can use. Such tools include its split PDF online so that you don’t have to struggle with finding ways to do it if you don’t have access to programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Additionally, Gogopdf is equipped with a PDF compressor that’s useful for making it quicker to use.

Security is important to Gogopdf. You can trust that your files are in safe hands with them compared to other services. Gogopdf values privacy and security, as such, all uploaded files are deleted from their servers after an hour of it being uploaded.

Gogopdf is a great online suite to consider using if you're looking for a service that values your privacy and is guaranteed to serve you to its best capabilities without needing to download or subscribe to anything.

Converting from PowerPoint to PDF

Before anything else, one of the main uses of Gogopdf is to convert PDF files to another file format and vice-versa. In this case, you can convert PPT to PDF and PPTX to PDF in just a few simple steps.

By converting PowerPoint to PDF, it makes the file easier to access if you’re looking to share it with multiple people. It also allows for easier viewing because a converted PDF file doesn’t need special software for it to be opened. This makes it easier for files to be used because it’s easier to access than waiting for a big PPT to load.

Here are a few easy steps to help you convert PPT to PDF:

  1. Open the Gogopdf website.
  2. Select "PPT to PDF" from the homepage menu.
  3. Select the file for conversion. You can also choose to drag and drop the file to the window or access them from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  4. Wait for the file to be converted.
  5. Download the converted file. Alternatively, you can also share the converted file to your social media accounts.

It’s also worth noting that you can also convert multiple files at once. All you have to do is to choose all of your files for conversion or drag and drop them to convert the files. Most converters today won’t have this option so Gogopdf is worth trying out if you need to convert multiple files at once.

What’s great about Gogopdf is that it doesn’t require you to download software for you to be able to use it. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can access Gogopdf by visiting their website. This means that you can convert your PPT to PDF on-the-go wherever and whenever.

Retrieving a Compressed PDF

After converting your PPT to PDF with Gogopdf, you can also choose to compress the file for easier access. Most users don't know that they can optimize their PDF files to make them easier to use through compressing it.

But what exactly does a compressed PDF file do? How does it make a difference from a regular PDF file?

When a file undergoes compression, an algorithm identifies areas that can be made smaller without damaging the quality of the file. If your file happens to be image-heavy, the media files will be recreated to an image with a smaller resolution. As much as 90% of the original file is optimized during the compression process. You’re getting the same file but with a smaller size that can be sent easier through e-mail or other sharing platforms.

If you compress a converted PDF from a PPT, all contents of the original PDF will still be intact. However, if your file has images, do expect that the compressed file will not have the same image quality as the original. But rest assured, you’re still getting the best quality from the file. You won’t even recognize the original file from the compressed one because they look almost the same.

Before converting your files, make sure that you keep a back-up of the original file. Once a file is compressed, you might not be able to restore it to its original state. Don’t forget to always keep a back-up file when editing or converting your files so that you have something to come back to should errors occur.

Without further ado, here’s how you can compress PDF files with Gogopdf:

  1. Open the Gogopdf website.
  2. Select "Compress PDF" from the homepage menu.
  3. Select or Drag and Drop the files to be compressed. You can also choose to select files from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  4. Wait for the compression to finish.
  5. Download your newly compressed PDF files. You can also opt to share them through your social media accounts.

By compressing your PDF, you can present it easier and faster. It will load fast which is great if you quickly need to present something. While it might not have creative transitions, you’ll still be able to access and present your presentation with ease. You’ll also be able to share your files across platforms easier because you won’t be restricted by a big file size after compression.

Separating PDF Files

If you encounter a problem with your PDF or if you need to separate PDF pages, Gogopdf can help you with that too.

The need to separate or split PDF files usually happens when you spot an error in your document or if you have to make single documents from PDF pages. You might also need to split a PDF if the file is too large or if you need to shorten the file.

Splitting PDF files used to be hard as software or services for them were quite scarce. Sources on how to separate pages in PDF used to be rare because it was hard to edit a PDF file without having a program or software that can do so. But now, you can easily perform the task with Gogopdf.

To easily troubleshoot your files, here’s a quick guide on how to split a PDF.

  1. Open Gogo Pdfs website.
  2. Locate and select the "Split PDF" option from the menu.
  3. Choose your files to be split. You can opt to retrieve the files from Dropbox or Google Drive as well.
  4. Select how you want to split your files.
  5. Wait for the splitting process to finish.
  6. Download the new documents or share them through your social media channels.

Once the splitting is done, you can choose to share them as is or you can also opt to merge them to create one document. Gogopdf also has a "Merge PDF" service if you decide to do just that.

Splitting PDF files has been made simpler with Gogopdf. All it takes is a couple of minutes and then you’re done! You can even perform the task on-the-go as long as you’re connected to the internet.

PowerPoint Presentations Made Simpler

While PowerPoint Presentations themselves are easy to present, Gogopdf makes slideshows easier and more convenient to present. By converting PPT to PDF and compressing the file, you can access your files faster and present them faster. Further, it makes the files easier to share since the files are smaller in size and won’t have problems with restrictions.

Gogopdf makes these services more accessible and easier to use. With the online suite, you can make edits, protect, and convert your files to and from PDF. The website is also easy-to-use and easy to navigate through which means that you won’t have to struggle to look through different pages just to find something.

In all, Gogopdf an essential tool that replaces other more expensive software in the market. Everyone can benefit from its services - from students to businesses, there is a service at Gogopdf that can help them with their PDF needs. The best part? Gogopdf allows you to do all this and more for free.

If you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use suite for your PDF needs, Gogopdf is the place for you!