Work smart, work better, work more intelligently from home


No one could have predicted that the acronym ‘WFH’ would be as common as it is today in 2020. Standing for the phrase ‘work from home’, WFH is a reality for many because of worldwide lockdowns.

In the advent of the coronavirus, people all around the globe have resorted to working from the comfort (or discomfort) of their own homes. While this may be an attractive idea to onlookers, working from home poses its own difficulties. For many individuals and businesses, it means hours of online video chats and a distorted idea of time. It can also mean learning a lot of software alone, sorting through dozens of Youtube videos.

Working from home can be a counterproductive practice, but everyone in 2020 has been managing. Thankfully, there are many online tools that can ease the hardships that come with working from home. One of these is PDF editor, GogoPDF.

To begin with, GogoPDF is a website that can guide millions of people on working more efficiently. With its over 20 tools, it cuts time for anyone who needs to edit their PDF files for quick sending.

GogoPDF, Your Free Online PDF Converter

Online PDF editor, GogoPDF, provides solutions for individuals who are now adapting to working from home. Whether you enjoy the ‘new normal’ or not, you will have to go with how the world is changing.

Unfortunately, this does not affect the work you have to do. Thus, a reality for many this 2020 is isolated work and learning. Even so, people still want quick turnarounds of files and data. Everything is online, especially personal and work documents.

GogoPDF, with its access to an array of features, is the ultimate tool for those working from home. It has over 20 tools free for anyone to use, including PDF split, edit a PDF, JPG to PDF conversion and many other useful features.

Those who have been working from home for a time may be familiar with how difficult PDF files are to edit. Being globally accessible, PDF files do not need specific software to open. However, only Adobe Acrobat Readers and editors can change what is in a PDF file. That is, until GogoPDF.

With the platform, you no longer have to download any software on your devices. GogoPDF is mainly online, and can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. It does not employ any geoblocking on its users. People in every part of the world, even North Korea, can use GogoPDF.

Because of this, GogoPDF is crucial in maintaining work from home harmony. It helps its users in working more efficiently, similar to what popular video chatting platform Zoom does.

Those who have a lot of remote work can use GogoPDF’s most popular features with no problems at all. The most useful tools for them would be the split PDF, repair PDF, edit PDF, and JPG to PDF tools.

Splitting Your PDF Files for Work

One of the most common scenarios for those working from home is receiving too many unnecessary documents and files.

Since there are many group chats and group emails, documents get sent in bulk. It is up to each individual to sort and organize these documents for themselves. A clean desktop is an easy-to-navigate desktop, after all.

So, if you received a document from a colleague but you only need a set number of pages, visit GogoPDF. Compared to using built-in software, Gogopdf only takes a few minutes at a time. Best yet, it has a drag-and-drop interface, so anyone can use it with ease.

GogoPDF offers quick and easy solutions, especially for people who need to split their PDFs. For example, when uploading a PDF to split, you can view the entire file in preview. No need to memorize the pages you need, just pick and select what slides you want to make a PDF file from.

Moreover, users need not worry about overloading the site with pages, too. For GogoPDF, 100-page documents are a piece of cake. The site even presents it fully optimized. If you are a person that trusts numbers more than words, a 100-page document will take GogoPDF about 30-45 seconds of work.

Why suffer with multiple softwares and programs on your laptop? There is no need to make things tougher for you. GogoPDF split PDF online feature makes extracting pages easier and all for free, too!

How to split a PDF on GogoPDF:

To split a PDF on the internet’s best online PDF editor, you must follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Make sure you know which PDF file you will be splitting. After, upload it onto GogoPDF’s Split PDF page. You can also opt to drag and drop the PDF into the splitting area.
  2. Next, choose how you want to split your PDFs. The site will display a preview of the file, and you will select the pages you want for your new PDF. After doing so, press the button that begins the PDF splitting process.
  3. Wait for GogoPDF to process your file. This will only take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the number of pages the page is working with. Either way, a hundred pages only takes 30-45 seconds, so it will take an incredibly heavy file to slow this process down to minutes.
  4. When GogoPDF is done, you can now download your new PDF file/s. One of the many things that make GogoPDF great for remote work is its easy sharing features, too. Save these files on your computer or share them on your social media accounts with a click of a button.

Got A Broken PDF in Your Inbox?

The year 2020 is full of unforeseeable circumstances. As mentioned above, no one expected such a remote year. With that comes a handful of pros and cons, but probably the biggest con would be being sent corrupted files.

Broken PDFs are quick ways to get people to quit on their tasks at hand. For many, receiving a broken PDF poses a question of, "Well, what else can I do?". Fear not, because GogoPDF has a new normal for its users too. This online PDF editor also boasts a tool that can save broken PDF files.

With its roster of over 20 PDF editing tools, it would have been amiss for the platform to not address the problems of a broken PDF. GogoPDF knows that technology, while mostly reliable, can also be fickle especially when you need it the most. However, it is no one’s fault whenever a PDF file breaks. This can be because of software, memory, and other technical problems. Whatever it may be, you do not have to deal with them further anymore.

GogoPDF can save you and your colleagues’ files, work, and day. All you need is internet connection and your broken PDF file/s. With GogoPDF, you can repair PDF files quickly and with ease.

It is important to mention, however, that GogoPDF is not an end-all for broken files. Some PDF files are beyond repair, and if this happens, GogoPDF will display an error message on your screen. People with workable files, on the other hand, are presented with a download link for their new PDF.

How to Repair a Broken PDF with GogoPDF

Like splitting a PDF, repairing broken PDF files only takes four steps. These are easy enough for anyone of any age to follow.

1. Make sure you know which PDF file you will be splitting. This can be from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Wherever it may be, you can upload it on GogoPDF’s repair broken PDF files page. If you want to take the easy route, you can also drag and drop your file into GogoPDF’s toolbox.

repair-pdf-upload repair-pdf-uploading

2. Wait for your repair to finish. Again, if a file is irreparable, GogoPDF will display an error message on your screen. For those with workable files, a download link will appear after repairing.


3. Like all others on GogoPDF, sharing your finished files is easy. With broken PDFs, you simply need to copy the sharing link and send it to your colleagues. The platform also has a ‘share via email’ feature.


4. If you do not need to share these files anymore, you can download your fixed PDF on your device. Another option is uploading it straight from GogoPDF to your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Editing Your Work From Home

Another common practice in 2020, more than ever, is collaboration. However, because people are physically limited in seeing each other, this practice is challenged. Collaboration might have meant group meetings or afternoons at the cafe with your workmates. Now, it means sending comments to one another through back and forth emails.

When presented with work from other people, adding comments and suggestions is natural. People do it in real life, so why not online too?

As usual, a problem would be editing the PDF files sent to you. In making sure files open without software, people send their documents in PDF format. The challenge in editing a PDF file is that you need to install other programs on your device/s to do so.

At this point, it will come to no one’s surprise that GogoPDF has a solution for this. With the platform’s edit PDF tab, you can write, highlight, or add shapes to your PDF file with no problem at all. GogoPDF offers reliable solutions on how to edit a PDF file for free.

Specifically, GogoPDF users can add text, add shapes (circles, squares, lines), highlight texts or areas, and draw free-hand using the Edit PDF tab. With these, you can be more precise about the edits you want done. For example, free hand drawing can help you pinpoint where exactly your colleagues should change a few details.

How To Edit Your PDF with GogoPDF

  1. Make sure you know which PDF file you will be splitting. This can be from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Wherever it may be, you can upload it on GogoPDF’s edit PDF files page. You can also drag and drop your file into GogoPDF’s toolbox.
  2. GogoPDF will then process your document for editing. Wait for it to finish
  3. When it is done processing, you can then add necessary adjustments to your PDF file. Add or delete text, draw on it, add shapes, and more.
  4. Download and save your edited PDF file/s on your device. With GogoPDF, you can also directly send your finished files to your colleagues with only a few clicks of a button. The same goes for sharing them on your social media accounts.

Compiling Images From Home

Another thing changed by working from home would be office presentations. Gone are the days you spend in a meeting room, surrounded by finger food, listening to the presenter of the hour. Nowadays, presentations are done through Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. You may think this absolves you of any office technical difficulties. It does not.

In fact, this can even make it more difficult for presenters. Laptops may start hanging, files may fail to open, and there are more unforeseeable possibilities. An effective solution to this is converting your some files to PDF. Mentioned above, this makes sure your files open wherever you use them. Also, this is a great way to organize your documents.

Having everything you need in one file is always a better option than opening many tabs or windows while presenting. This JPG to PDF feature by GogoPDF is great for presentations. As an example, it can combine 20 JPGs into one PDF. By doing this, it will be easy for a presenter to scroll through it one by one.

Those who have been using other PDF editor platforms may know that this feature is not common. Not all services, softwares, or online sites offer this image to PDF feature. However, GogoPDF does, which makes it a cut above the rest.

Like all the other features, this is also offered for free. It not only saves you from presenting poorly; it also makes sure you save your $14.99 for another day. PDF editors need not cost too much for their users.

Reduce File Sizes, Too

If you need to send your presentations over to your colleagues, this feature is also helpful. This unique tool also reduces the overall size of your files. GogoPDF can reduce the file’s size by up to 50%, which also reduces the time spent in sending the file.

For example, 20 1MB images would sum up to a 20 MB file. If you run it through GogoPDF’s software, however, your new PDF file can sum up to only 10MB.

This might be enough for some, but GogoPDF does not settle for less. The platform offers as much PDF editing tools as it can, so the JPG to PDF function can also support other file formats. If your files are BMP, PNG, TIFF, or GIF, you can also compile them AND reduce them using GogoPDF.

How to Convert your JPG to PDF

1. Make sure you know which PDF file you will be splitting. This can be from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Wherever it may be, you can upload it on GogoPDF’s image to PDF converter page. You can also drag and drop your file into GogoPDF’s toolbox.

2. Select an output format from GogoPDF’s options. Then, click the button to transform your files.

3. Wait for the process to complete.

4. Download and save your new file/s on your device. With GogoPDF, you can also directly send your finished files to your colleagues with only a few clicks of a button. The same goes for sharing them on your social media accounts.


Using GogoPDF can greatly affect your productivity when working from home. In 2020, sticking to a work from home schedule presents its own difficulties. For many, this means blending your personal and work life.

This age of technology, thankfully, can also help you out of this work from home rut. GogoPDF is a must-have tool for your arsenal during these difficult times.

With GogoPDF, your workload can ease up. As a more important matter, GogoPDF can also speed up efficiency for anyone working from home. To work intelligently is to work efficiently---and GogoPDF is one of the smartest ways you can work today.