gogopdf welcomes you to free tools

gogopdf welcomes you to free tools

by gogopdf team

Welcome to gogopdf!

Thank you for visiting our site today. We are glad you stopped by, and we hope this won’t be your last visit. gogopdf aims to satisfy our customers ever-increasing needs, so if you’ve got any comments, suggestions or recommendations on how to improve our services, feel free to drop us a line by email. We’d be happy to assist you with any questions you have. Whether you’re a first time customer or a long time user, we are glad you’re here!

If it’s your first time here, allow us to introduce ourselves. gogopdf is an online suite that specializes in the editing, creating, scanning, conversion and modification of PDF files. We’ve got more than 20 strong, state of the art tools designed to provide fast, reliable, and secure PDF solutions. Here at gogopdf, you’ll surely find the right tool for you!

Below is a quick summary of each tool, along with a brief description of what each tool is used for :

  1. PDF To Word - A tool that converts PDF files to Word documents in a fast, accurate and easy way. All fonts and formatting of the original file will be preserved.

  2. Word To PDF - A tool that converts word documents to professional-quality PDFs in just a few clicks! It comes with a social media share button, after converting a Word document to PDF, you can share what you did on your social media accounts!

  3. PDF To JPG - A converter that transforms PDFs to high-quality JPG images in minutes. You can transform one PDF file at a time, or create multiple JPG files from multiple PDF files- the choice is yours!

  4. JPG To PDF - Convert JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF images to PDF files in a few clicks with this cool and versatile online tool. It comes with a nifty setup dialog box where you can adjust the letter size, orientation, and margin of your PDF document based on how you want your output to look like. Go ahead, and give it a try!

  5. PDF To Excel - Convert PDF To Excel online, quick and easy. It turns PDFs into spreadsheets with intense accuracy, keeping the original fonts, colors, and borders of your PDF intact.

  6. PDF To PPT - The fastest presentation maker in the market! In just a few minutes, every page in your PDF document turns into an editable Powerpoint slide. When it’s done, you may alter text boxes, shapes, and pictures to your Powerpoint, as you please.

  7. PPT To PDF - Convert PPT to easy to view PDF in just a few clicks! All graphics, text, and formatting of your PowerPoint slide will be the same in the new PDF file.

  8. PDF To PNG - Need to use a PDF file in a logo, illustration or web graphic? This PDF To PNG converter turns your PDF files to high-resolution PNG images. Own a set of new PNG files in minutes!

  9. HTML To PDF - Instantly turn any web page to a high-quality PDF file with the HTML To PDF converter. Upload your HTML file to the converter and process it one click!

  10. PDF To PDF/A - Preserve your PDFs for a long, long time by creating an ISO-standardized version of the PDF file (PDF/A). Keep your pdf documents, safe, secure, and accessible for many years to come.

  11. Compress PDF - Reduce the size of your PDFs without losing quality with the Compress PDF tool. Upload PDF files to the web easily and conveniently by making your files as small as 144 dpi.

  12. PDF Converter - Convert PDF files to other popular file formats in minutes. No need to go to different sites to convert your files, transform your PDF to Excel, Powerpoint, Word and JPG files right here.

  13. Merge PDF - Join multiple PDFs into one document in a hassle-free way.The Merge PDF tool takes the text, images and effects of the original documents and puts them in one big PDF file.

  14. Split PDF - The Split PDF tool divides the PDF into smaller, single-page files. It can also extract pages from a PDF file to form new PDF documents. With this tool, you can create high-quality PDF files in just a few clicks!

  15. PDF Reader - Read, flip, and view PDFs from any browser with the PDF Reader. Rotate or renumber the PDFs in any way you like. Every edit made is automatically saved, so you don’t lose your work!

  16. Edit PDF - Let your imagination fly with the Edit PDF tool! Add and remove drawings, text, and images quickly and effortlessly. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it, shapes and drawings come in different sizes and colors!

  17. Unlock PDF - Remove the password security of owner-locked PDF files in minutes! All uploaded files are automatically deleted after an hour.

  18. Rotate PDF - The Rotate PDF tool lets you rotate your PDF with little effort! Choose between a 90 degree rotation, 180 degree rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

  19. Delete PDF - Permanently remove single or multiple pages from your PDF file with the Delete PDF tool. Other features include zoom and rotate options for your PDF files. Zoom and rotate one whole PDF file, or just specific pages, as you please!

  20. Add Watermark - Claim ownership of your PDF with the Add Watermark tool. Change the color, size, and font of your text, fast and easy!

  21. eSign PDF - Sign and fill PDFs online with the eSign PDF tool. Create electronic signatures quickly and easily!

  22. Repair PDF - Recover corrupt or damaged PDF files with the Repair PDF file. If the file is beyond repair, the tool will recover as much content and data as possible.

  23. Password Protect PDF - The Password Protect PDF tool provides PDFs with 128-bit AES password-protected encryption. Protect your files instantly, from any browser, wherever you may be!

  24. Share Document - Send and share files as big as five gigabytes with the Share Document tool. Add a personalized message to your files, if you like!

  25. Number PDF - Add page numbers to your PDFs in three simple steps. The Number PDF tool lets you send and share your numbered document, too. Email the document with a personal message or send a system generated link to your recipient.

At gogopdf, we do more than just convert or edit files. We are committed to take the work performance of our users to a new level through a tight integration of tools and content.

On that note, In future posts, expect to see articles on a wide range of topics - from PDF tips and tricks, to productivity guides on how to succeed in the workplace.

We’ll try our best to keep our users informed, educated and entertained, so if that interests you, come along for the ride!

Watch this space for more updates!

‘Till next time,
gogopdf team

gogopdf team