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Personal Information Privacy Policy:

gogopdf is committed to respecting the privacy rights and concerns of all users of our website. As such, we are administering this privacy policy to inform our customers of the services we use, and how we protect the information you give us.

We are sensitive to the concerns our customers may have when it comes to the security, confidentiality, and use of their personal information. On that note, gogopdf is committed to the full protection of all your personal information, and would like to reassure you of our position on this matter.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to let our users know what type of information we collect, how we use the information we collect, whether we disclose the information to anyone, as well as how our users may access and/or revise the information we hold.

We encourage our users to regularly visit this page as this policy may change from time to time. If you have any suggestions, recommendations or concerns not addressed in any of our policies, feel free to contact us.

Please take some time to understand our privacy policy and our position on privacy before giving us any personal information :

Information We May Collect:

a. Personal Information:

We collect information about you in many forms, one of these is personal data. Our definition of “personal data” is based on the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 as well as any successor legislation. Personal data is defined as any information that identifies you as an individual like your telephone number, email address, or name.

Please be informed that gogopdf collects personal data from its customers and users in order to provide services. Here is a list of the information we collect:

  • Account Data: Name, business name, password, email, phone number, title, billing address and avatar.
  • Financial Data: Credit card data - including security code, number, and expiration of card.

Furthermore, we will also collect information about you if you:

  • Provide comments or give us content that is publicly available, and the content you provide contains information about you such as your username, likes, tweets, profile information, status and pictures.

Thereby, when you engage in the above activities, you hereby authorize gogopdf to store, collect, disclose and use information and content in conformity with this policy.

b. Non-Personal Information:

gogopdf might collect non-personal information like your browsing patterns and IP address through the use of cookies. Rest assured that the use of cookies is an industry standard, nearly all major websites use them. Don’t want to use cookies? Just activate or deactivate the option available in most major web browsers that enables the user to deny or accept cookies.

c. Document Information:

When you store documents on gogopdf's sites, software and services, gogopdf collects the following data:

  • Metadata Of Document : Name, email address of user uploading document, size, metadata providing info about the structure of the document, and standard metadata provided by the standard used to create the document (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.).
  • Document Sharing : E-mail address and name of users who want to share the document.
  • Document Content : The overall content of the document, the content in the document stored in the Site, Software, or Services.

Thereby, when you engage in the above activities, you hereby authorize gogopdf to store, collect, disclose and use information and content in conformity with this policy..

Information We Do Not Collect :

a. Sensitive Information:

Rest assured gogopdf does not collect sensitive information about racial or ethnic origin, religious or spiritual beliefs, political opinions, sexual activity, or orientation, disability or trade union membership.

Moreover, please be advised all users have the option to withhold your name or use a pseudonym if you do not wish to identify yourself. In addition, if you disclose any sensitive personal data to us when you submit user-generated content to our sites, it automatically means you consent to our processing and use of sensitive personal data in accordance with this Policy.

Please be reminded, if you do not consent to our processing and use of sensitive personal data, we recommend that you do not submit such user-generated content to prevent further inconvenience.

Revision Privacy Policy:

gogopdf's sites, services and software enables users to upload and manipulate documents. But please be reminded that gogopdf does not alter the content in the said document or documents. By content, we are referring to images, graphics and text in the document. From time to time, we modify the formatting of the document to make it viewable on our site and in your devices, but there will be no material change to the content in the document.

Collaboration Policy:

All users are responsible for who they choose to share documents with via the site, the site’s software, or the site’s services. When collaborating on documents, users grant access to who will be able to view and download the document, and content in that document.

Moreover, if a collaborator signs or reviews the document, the collaborator automatically has ownership of a different version of the said document, a version which contains the collaborator's changes.

Furthermore, If you modify or collaborate on a document owned by another individual, you are responsible for the content you provide on or about the document. Also, by sharing documents with other parties, those parties own a version of the document which means they may then share and retain the document even after the original owner deletes the document.

Data Usage:

gogopdf uses data provided through our sites, Software, and services to provide services for which gogopdf is engaged.

We define data as :

Activity data - data about how our customers interact with our Site, Software, or Services.

Data under activity includes:

  • Browser parts - cookies, beacons, scripts and tags
  • Device data - IP addresses, referring or exit pages, data or timestamps and clickstream data
  • Usage data - we monitor user activity and collect data about the features you use
  • Information from social media sites - gogopdf's services allow customers to share their content through their social media accounts. By doing so, you authorize gogopdf to access, use, and store the information that you agreed a specific social media network could provide to us based on the settings of your social media account.
  • Third-Party Information - We may also get information about you from other sources like gogopdf’s partners, provided you have previously agreed to share information with one of our partners or other third parties.

This is what we do with the data:

  • Maintain, monitor, and improve gogopdf’s site, software, and services
  • Register and enable access to the site
  • Purchase services and contact you in case a purchase request cannot be fulfilled
  • Manage documents and services involving documents like edit, convert, download and upload
  • Collaborate and share files with others based on customers’ requests
  • Provide audit data to you and others done via document collaboration
  • Recommend actions to users and customers based on usage activity and document content.
  • With customers’ consent, the customization and personalization of gogopdf’s site and services through the improvement of content, features and ads based on user’s preferences and varied interests.
  • Send notifications to our customers updating you on activities involving the site and its’ services
  • Provide customer support and support responses in the form of comments, questions, and requests
  • Inform our users about our site’s various promotional efforts, efforts that include surveys, offers, contests, events, customer testimonials and the like
  • Monitor and analyze trends in connection with gogopdf’s site and services for advertising and marketing purposes
  • Investigate suspected illegal actions and activities such as unauthorized access, hacking, etc
  • Diagnose unexpected issues of technical nature

Contact Us:

If you:

(a) have any questions or comments on this policy;

(b) would like to access or correct your personal information;

(c) would like to know how we received your personal information;

Please reach us via the form in our contact us page.