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Terms And Conditions:

gogopdf is a web and mobile application which allows users to revise or modify documents and images through online software.

Please be guided that the following Terms Of Use illustrate the legally binding conditions between gogopdf’s users and the websites, services, and applications of gogopdf.


This page talks about the terms by which you may use our mobile services, website and software in connection to our services. By accessing our site, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions of gogopdf whether or not you registered on our site. If you do not agree with what was stated in our Terms, kindly abstain from using our site.

By accepting our current Terms Of Use, you are saying :

  • You’ve read and understood everything
  • You have assumed all the obligations stated there
  • You use the service only for purposes allowed by law
  • You will not use gogopdf for any unlawful activity
  • You will not gather, store, or handle personal information about other users or third-parties without complying with the current Government ruling regarding data privacy or the protection of information
  • If any of the rules and regulations under Terms Of Use, for any reason, contradict with gogopdf’s privacy policy, whatever is stated in the Terms Of Use will prevail.

Reasonable Use Policy

Please be guided that your use of gogopdf is subject to the Reasonable Use Policy below. This policy has been created to ensure gogopdf’s service is fair to both its developers and users :

The following is not permitted :

  • Use of automated scraping process in conjunction with gogopdf. These include the use of spiders, scrapers, and bots
  • Using other people’s usernames or passwords to access gogopdf
  • Abusing gogopdf in excess of what is required or needed for legitimate and authorized personal or business purposes
  • Registering over 1,000 tasks in a month. gogopdf reserves the right to investigate any account that registers more than a thousand tasks in a month

gogopdf reserves the right to permanently suspend or terminate a user’s account and/or subscription once or he/ she has been found guilty of breaking any of the above rules and/OR regulations.

Accounts Policy

gogopdf maintains three types of accounts for its users. The accounts allow the user to work with different files and file sizes :

  • Registered
  • Not registered
  • Premium

It is the responsibility of each and every user to keep his or her account safe and secure. gogopdf owns the right to stop servicing a particular client without any prior notification, except with its premium users. gogopdf reserves the right to give prior notification to only its premium users.

User Content

gogopdf PDF does not analyse the content of the documents it processes. Only users have access to the edited files once gogopdf has processed them. If the user wants to share the document, he or she may do, by sharing a link.As part of its data privacy policy, gogopdf automatically deletes files one hour after processing.

Paid Services

Users become a premium member when they avail of a paid subscription. Subscriptions begin when first payment is made, and subscriptions continue indefinitely until they are canceled by a user. Users may cancel their premium subscriptions at any time, but please be reminded that the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing period, hence users will not receive a refund for the current pulling period.

If a user avails of gogopdf’s free premium trial period then quits in the middle of the trial period to purchase a subscription, any unused part of the premium trial period is automatically forfeited. We would like to remind all our users that gogopdf reserves the right to issue refunds or credits to its customers. And once gogopdf issues a refund or credit, it is under no obligation to repeat the same action in the future.

gogopdf requires that all information provided by the user in relation to a purchase or transaction be complete, accurate, and current. Moreover, by agreeing to the terms and conditions of gogopdf, all users agree to pay all charges and all taxes in connection to a specific purchase or service.

Right Of Withdrawal

You have the right to cancel or terminate the contract any time. Any cancellation will take place from the next billing period, i.e. any cancellation will only cancel future billings. We do not provide refunds except in cases requested by mandatory law or where otherwise explicitly communicated to you. All fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities, and you shall be responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties.

Zero Warranty

gogopdf does not provide warranties of any kind. In addition, the site does not promise that the service will meet all of its customers requirements, that the service will be available at a specific time or location, that any errors or defects it may have will be corrected, or that the service is free of viruses or Internet intruders.

All content downloaded or gathered through the use of gogopdf is done at the customer’s risk. Furthemore, users will be solely responsible for any form of damage done to their desktop, mobile device, or loss of data resulting from the use of gogopdf’s services.

gogopdf explicitly states that it does not endorse, nor does it assume responsibility for any product or service offered by a third party through gogopdf. Additionally gogopdf will not be involved in any transaction between its users and its third-party providers.

Scope Of Liability

To the maximum extent covered and allowed by law, in no event or particular situation shall gogopdf and its employees be liable for any indirect, direct, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages arising from or relating to any breach of this agreement. Moreover,gogopdf will not be responsible for injury, loss or damage to a user’s account if the damage comes from outside forces such as online intruders. In other words, gogopdf is not liable for consequential damages resulting from abuse, misuse or mismanagement of our services.

Intellectual Property

The contents of this site like the text, brand name, logos, illustrations, images, database, codes, etc belong to the owners of gogopdf. Utilizing the site for commercial purposes or any other form of exploitation by any process, such as alteration or transformation, is strictly prohibited. gogopdf is also not liable for consequential damages resulting from abuse or misuse of its services if the said abuse was the fault of one or more of its users.

Termination Of Contract

gogopdf may stop providing services to a user if intellectual property rights are infringed upon, if a user or customer fails to pay on time, or if gogopdf is required to do so by law (for example, the type of service or software used by the site is prohibited in a certain country). If any or all of the aforementioned situations occur, users are given the absolute right to cancel their account through their account page or through gogopdf’s Contact Form.


Users may file claims and/or complaints about their contracts through gogopdf’s Contact Form. Users may also use the form to request more information about a particular service.