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How To Insert A Watermark In A PDF File


1. Select the PDF files from your computer. You may also drag and drop your PDF file to the conversion box.


2. Type the text or grab the image you will use as your watermark. Choose the position of your watermark, then click on the Add Watermark button.


3. Wait for the watermarking process to complete.This might take a few minutes.


4. Email your watermarked PDF file, or download the file to your device. You can also share your watermarked PDF on all your social media accounts.

Key Features

How To Brand Your PDF With A Watermark

Claim ownership of your PDF by putting a watermark on it. To begin, get the PDF file you want watermarked from your computer. You may also drag and drop your PDF file to the conversion area. Select the image, type, and position of your watermark. Apply changes and download the PDF file with watermark to your device.

Operating System And Platform Compatibility

Our gogopdf’s watermark tool supports all the major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is compatible with all of the most used browsers and browser versions. Seamlessly access our site through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and other popular portals.

Speedy Process

Add watermarks to your PDFs effortlessly! It only takes a few minutes to choose the text or image for your watermark, and to pick the position of the watermark on your document's pages. Once you’re done, it takes an even shorter time for gogopdf to apply the changes to your document. So fast, and so easy!

Personalize Your Watermark

Give your watermark a personal touch! Our online tool lets you type in the exact text for your watermark. You can also choose the color, size and font of the text. If you want your watermark to be an image, that is possible, too! Just get the image for your device and place it in the PDF.

Customer Data Privacy Policy

gogopdf is fully committed to the privacy of our customers. We value the trust our customers have in us, and we do not want to break that trust. That said, to preserve the privacy of our customers, all files uploaded to our server are automatically deleted after one hour.

Secure Cloud Storage

Add text or logo watermark to PDF online without installing any software. We do all our hard work online without consuming your device's space or memory. Everything is done on the Web and saved in the Cloud.

About Add Watermark

We live in an era where anything can go viral - photos, videos, sometimes even confidential files. Once something has been uploaded online, it’s nearly impossible to take ownership of it unless you place a watermark on it. Watermarks are used to protect content and to say something is yours. Without watermarks, valuable digital assets, like PDF files containing sensitive information, are susceptible to content theft or unauthorized use. Don’t let that happen to you! Protect your PDFs with gogopdf’s Add Watermark To PDF tool. Choose whether you want to add a text watermark or image watermark to your PDF file. You can also choose what exact part of the document you would like the watermark to appear. Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to use, the last and most important thing to do is to take part in it! Don’t wait till it’s too late. Don’t wait ‘till your hard work is in another’s hands. Protect your intellectual property. Use gogopdf’s Add Watermark To PDF tool today.
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