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How to Convert PPT to PDF


1. Retrieve the Powerpoint slides from your device or just drag and drop the slides to the conversion area.


2. gogopdf will start the scanning and conversion process.


3. Wait while the converter transforms the Powerpoint to PDF.


4. Download your PDF file and view it in a PDF viewer, or share your PDF on all your social media accounts!

Key Features

How To Convert A Powerpoint Presentation To A PDF File

Make your Powerpoints easy to view, turn them to PDF files accurately and quickly! Pick the slides you want to convert. You may get them from your computer or drag and drop them into the conversion box. When conversion is complete, download your new PDF and save to your device.

High Degree Of Compatibility

Our PPT To PDF converter works on all major computer operating systems, including all versions of Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS. Our site supports all popular browsers, as well - Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer included.

Speed Processing

urn your Powerpoint slides to PDF files in a lightning quick manner. Our online converter transforms your Powerpoint slides to high-quality PDF files in just a couple of minutes!

Customer Privacy Policy

Worried about uploading personal content online? No need to worry about that! We pride ourselves in fulfilling our customer’s needs, while maintaining our customer’s privacy. All files are automatically deleted from our server one hour after upload.

Top-Level Accuracy

We use the most reliable format preservation techniques in the market. When Powerpoint slides are converted to PDF files, all formatting and layout from the original document is retained and preserved.

Cloud Security

Our PPT To PDF converter works online, so no software download is necessary. No registration is required, either. Since the converter is a tool that is based in the browser, all you’ll be needing is your device and an Internet connection. When the conversion process is complete, everything is saved in the Cloud.

About PPT to PDF

Presentations are a huge part of our daily lives. We use presentations at school, at work, even in our personal lives. Building a presentation becomes even easier with the right software. Out of all the programs in the market, Powerpoint is the best you can find. You can do a lot with Powerpoint - add graphics, charts, and even sound effects, while still maintaining a professional tone. The only downside to Powerpoint is the file size of its slides. If you want to share your presentation file via email, it takes long to upload. But you won’t experience that if you save your PPT file as PDF, and our PPT To PDF converter can help you with that goal. It turns your Powerpoint slides to PDF files in a fast and reliable manner. Our converter is also able to preserve the visual appearance of your slides. All slide elements are intact- graphics, text, formatting etc. See it. Believe it. Try gogopdf’s PPT To PDF converter out today!
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