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How To Convert PDF To Excel


1. Select the PDF file you will convert. Get it from your device, or drag and drop it in the conversion box.


2. gogopdf will start the scanning and extraction process.


3. Wait for the conversion to finish. It usually takes a minute.


4. Download and save your newly converted Excel file to your device. Copy the link to share it on any of your social media accounts!

Key Features

How To Convert A PDF File To An Excel Spreadsheet

Our PDF to Excel converter turns PDF files to editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Select the PDF file you want converted from your computer, or drag-and-drop it in the box to upload. Once the file is converted, download and save your new spreadsheet to your computer.

Works On Multiple Platforms

Our PDF to Excel converter runs and functions correctly on major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also compatible with most mainstream browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer included.

Quick Processing

Experience a fast and seamless transition from PDF to Excel. In just a few minutes, every page in your PDF file becomes an Excel spreadsheet! Our converter preserves your formatting to minimize reformatting time. It automatically recognizes the column and rows in the PDF document, and converts them into tables in the newly created Excel file.

Privacy Policy

Wary about uploading personal files online? We understand and we value our customer’s privacy. All uploaded files are automatically deleted after one hour.

Zero Quality Loss

Our PDF to Excel converter retains the text and image quality of the original document. The format of your PDF will be respected in the newly created Excel file. The original fonts, colors, and borders from your PDF remain intact.

Safe In The Cloud

Our service is available to all. You don’t need to download any type of software to use it. Everything happens online, and is saved in the Cloud. To avail of what we have to offer, all you need is your device, a web browser, a stable Internet connection, and the file you’ll be converting.

About PDF to Excel

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is the industry standard for document sharing. PDF’s great features are what make them popular, they’re built with a high-level of security, and give documents a more professional look. But when you need to copy tables from Microsoft Excel, you’ve got to paste the table to a Word document, then copy and paste it to Excel. This method can get tedious when you have tons of files. When that happens, automated tools like our PDF to Excel converter help a lot. Our web-based service turns PDF files to Excel spreadsheets in seconds. When it does that, it retains not only the images and text, the color, font, and format of the original PDF file is saved, too. Guaranteed to increase your productivity and boost your efficiency, try our PDF to Excel converter today!
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