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How To Compress A PDF


1. Select the PDF files from your computer or drag and drop your PDF file to the conversion box.


2. gogopdf will start compressing your PDF.


3. Wait for the compression to complete. This might take a few minutes.


4. Once compression is done, download your compressed PDF file to your computer, or share on all your social media accounts.

Key Features

How To Compress PDF Files

Reduce the size of your PDFs with our PDF Compressor. Select the PDF files from your computer or an online storage unit like Dropbox or Google Drive. You may also drag and drop your PDF file to the box above. Wait for the compression to complete then download and save to your device.

Platform Browser Compatibility

Our PDF Compressor supports all the major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is compatible across multiple browsers and browser versions. Seamlessly access our site through Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other popular browsers.

Fast Resizing

Compress PDF, reduces PDF file size in minutes! We compress your scanned PDF files to as small as 144 dpi, making it easier for you to upload your files to the web and through email. Email, publish, and share PDF files, quickly and conveniently!

Customer Privacy Policy

People are becoming increasingly wary of the information they share online due data breaches and identity theft. When you access gogopdf’s Compress PDF tool, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Everything uploaded is deleted after one hour.

High Quality Output

Our PDF Compressor provides a hassle-free way to reduce the file size while still getting maximum resolution of PDF. In addition, it retains the layout and format of the original file even if the file has undergone compression. When you use our PDF Compressor, you can be sure our output is of the best quality possible.

Stored In The Cloud

Use our PDF compressor anytime you want, on any device. Our site is generated on the Cloud. Everything is done online and saved in the Cloud. To access our site, and to use our tool,,all you need is to be connected to the Internet. No software installation required, no user registration needed.

About Compress PDF

Data breaches are becoming increasingly more common in today’s digital world. Things have become so bad, we hear about high profile companies being hacked everyday. With everything that’s happening around us, it’s important to keep the security of our data always in mind. When it comes to sharing files securely, you can’t go wrong with PDF. PDF’s password protection feature makes it safer than all the others. If you want to compress PDF files into an email ready size, there are tools like our PDF Compressor to help with that, too. There are many benefits to compressing PDF files, shrunk PDF files take up less storage space and are easier to upload to the Internet. If any of what we said interests you, don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself too! Go and take our PDF Compressor out for a spin today!
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