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How To Repair PDF


1. Select the PDF file you will repair.You can get it from your device, or from an online storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive. Another option is to drag and drop the PDF file into the toolbox.


2. Wait for the repair to finish.


3. Share via email with a personalized message or copy a sharing link generated by gogopdf and send to a recipient.


4. Download the fixed PDF to your device or upload straight from the site to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. You can also copy the file link to share your restored PDF on any or all your social media accounts!

Key Features

How To Repair PDF Files

Fix PDF files and get them back to their original form with gogopdf’s Repair PDF tool. Get the damaged PDF file from your computer or an online storage unit like Dropbox or Google Drive. You may also drag and drop your PDF file to the box above. Wait for the repair process to finish, then download and save to your device.

Multi-Platform And Cross-Browser Support

Our online tool can be used on all major operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. It is compatible with a wide range of web browsers, as well. Access our site through Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other popular browsers to get a fast, seamless, and engaging customer experience.

Quick Repair Process

Repair and recover damaged or corrupted PDF files in a single click! A few minutes, that’s all it will take to get your PDF file fixed! Our Repair PDF Tool will recover as much of your data as possible, overall depending on how much the PDF is damaged. Expect a partial or complete recovery.

Customer Information Protection Policy

Uncomfortable about sharing personal information online? We fully understand your fear and concern. gogopdf respects your privacy, and is committed to protecting your personal data. Having said that, in order to keep your data private at all times, all uploaded files are automatically deleted from our server after one hour.

Two Ways To Share

gogopdf offers two ways to send and share your repaired and restored PDF file. You can either email the document together with a personalized message especially made for the file’s recipient, or you can just copy a sharing link generated by gogopdf, and send the link to whomever is supposed to receive your document.

Cloud Storage Security

Repair PDFs without software installation. All you need to have your PDF fixed is your file, and an Internet connection, and that’s it! Everything happens online, is saved in the Cloud and securely placed in Cloud storage. Always on the go? No problem, we support all laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

About Repair PDF

Most of us rely so much on technology nowadays. Truthfully, based on how the world is working, it would be impossible not to. Nearly everything we do is derived from some form of technology. But technology isn’t perfect. For example, files like PDF files can become corrupted for a number of reasons- they can be attacked by viruses, or get affected by random power outages. These situations can be really frustrating, but there is a way to bounce back from that, and it’s found in gogopdf’s Repair PDF tool. Our web-based service extracts data from damaged PDFs and restores your PDF document to a workable condition. Moreover, our Cloud-based technology fixes PDFs on the go, to help you with that quick fix whether you are at work, at school, or at home! Plus, it only takes a few minutes to get it done, because you can repair PDFs with just the click of a button! Fixing PDFs has never been this easy. We don’t need to say it twice - the next time you get another PDF emergency, you know now just what to do, run on over to gogopdf’s Repair PDF Tool.
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