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How To Password Protect Your PDF File


1. Select the PDF you want to lock. Get the file from your device or drag and drop it to the toolbox.


2. Type in your password. Make sure it meets the right requirements. It should include numerals, capital letters, and symbols.


3. Directly email the file to other people, or copy and paste the link to an email or text message in order to send the document to other people. Either option is completely valid.


4. Download and save your newly encrypted PDF file to your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive account!

Key Features

How To Password Protect Your PDF Files

Prevent unauthorized access to your PDF documents by putting a password on them. First you need to upload your PDF file from your device. Once it’s uploaded, create a new password for your file and click on the Encrypt PDF button. Your PDF will now be secured with 128-AES encryption! Then download and save your newly encrypted file.

Cross-Browser And Cross-Platform Support

Our online tool is cross-browser compatible, it works on all the major Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox. It is cross-platform capable too, our Web-based service provides support to all the major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Strong Password Protection

Our Protect PDF tool encrypts PDFs with passwords. When users submit their passwords to us, we make it a practice to accept only strong and very specific letters, characters, and symbols to securely protect our files.

Customer Privacy Policy

Uneasy about sharing personal data online? We respect your concerns about privacy and deeply appreciate your trust and confidence in us. That said, all uploaded files are automatically deleted from our server after one hour. And, we do not store any of the passwords given to us. All passwords are instantly removed from our server after processing.

Secure SSL Connection

Each and every file transfer is protected by SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption security protocol that uses algorithms to scramble data being sent between two systems, thereby preventing cyber criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred.

Cloud Storage And Cloud Security

gogopdf’s Protect PDF works entirely in your web browser. Whether you’re using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer, you will get the same smooth, seamless and satisfying service. When you use our tool, you don’t need to install and worry about any software, ever! Everything is done online and saved in the Cloud, and will not consume resources from your computer.

About Protect PDF

Unauthorized access is a potentially major problem for anyone with a phone, computer, tablet or any other type of technological device. The consequences for victims of these break-ins include the loss of valuable data like work reports, and/or confidential text and email conversations. Some victims have their bank account information, money, and even their identity stolen. You don’t want that to ever happen to you, and it won’t, if you know how to password protect your files. In that regard, Protect PDF is the key! It provides 128-bit AES password-protected encryption to all PDF files. All transactions made on the site are done extremely safely and securely, all file transfers equipped with an encryption security protocol to prevent unwanted individuals from ever touching your files.
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