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How To Convert PDF To PDF/A


1. Get the PDF file from your device, or drag and drop it into the converter box.


2. gogopdf will begin the process.


3. Wait until the converter turns your PDF file into PDF/A.


4. Download and save your new PDF file on your computer. Copy the link and share it on any of your social media accounts!

Key Features

How To Convert PDF To PDF/A File

Prepare your documents for long-term preservation, convert them to PDF/A today. Get your file from your device, or just drag and drop your PDF into the conversion box. When conversion is complete, download your brand new PDF/A file, and save it in your computer.

Cross-Platform And Cross-Browser Support

As part of our goal to create a seamless customer experience that efficiently serves the needs of its users, we made sure our PDF To PDF/A conversion tool supports all major computer operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also compatible with most leading Web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Quick Conversion

We value our customers’ time. We make sure our customer’s time is wasted when you visit our site. Get in and out of our site in a flash! With gogopdf, you can instantly convert PDF files to PDF/A files in just a few, easy clicks. Creating PDF/A files has never been this easy!

Data Privacy Rule

Concerned about uploading your personal content? gogopdf reassures all its customers, in compliance with the site’s privacy and data security policy, that all uploaded files are deleted from gogopdf’s server after an hour.


Our online tool creates an ISO-standardized version of the PDF file by removing features unsuitable for long-term archiving. When a PDF file is ISO-standardized, it can be reproduced exactly the same way, regardless of the software used. Open a PDF file many years after you filed it, and it will look the same way it did when you first put it away.

Safely Stored In The Cloud

Convert PDF files to PDF/A files with zero software installation. All you need to have your document ISO-standardized will be your file, and an Internet connection! Everything happens online, is saved in the Cloud, and securely placed in Cloud storage. Always on the road? No problem, we support all laptops, desktops, smartphones, even tablets.

About PDF to PDF/A

Technology is always changing. What may seem cutting edge will likely become obsolete in the next 10 years. With change happening so quickly, preserving your important documents in the right way will save you a ton of stress in the future. Nearly anyone who uses a computer ends up converting their files to PDF at some point. The format is easy to view and share, and works on all major operating systems. But it changes overtime. The layout won’t be the same after 50 or even 100 years - unless you change it to PDF/A format. When you convert your files to PDF/A, your documents are secure, safe, and accessible for many years to come. All information necessary for displaying the document in the same manner it was many years ago is permanently embedded in the file. Now, here’s the best part: did you know you can convert your files from PDF to PDF/A in just a few minutes? gogopdf’s PDF To PDF/A conversion tool lets you do that, with minimal effort! In just a few clicks, your documents will be preserved in an unchangeable format. You know just what this all points - time to ditch the filing cabinet, throw away that vault, and give PDA to PDF/A a try today.
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