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How To Merge PDF Files


1. Select the PDF files from your computer or drag and drop your PDF files into the toolbox.


2. gogopdf will now merge your PDF files.


3. Wait while gogopdf merges your PDFs. This usually takes just a few minutes.


4. Download and save your new, high-quality PDF file on your computer, or share it on all your social media accounts!

Key Features

How To Merge PDF Files

Squeeze multiple PDFs in one single PDF with gogopdf’s Merge tool. Select the PDFs in your desired order from your computer, or just drag and drop in the same order into the toolbox. When the merging process is complete, download the file and save in your device.

Multiple Browser And Platform Compatibility

Our tool is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. It works seamlessly across different screen sizes and browsers, too - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, just to name a few.

Quick And Reliable Processing

Fuse documents at a fast speed! With our tool, a brand new merged PDF file is yours to have and to hold, in just a few clicks! You can also adjust the order in which the PDF documents will be merged. If you want to add more PDFs to your existing series of files before you begin merging them, you can do that, too.

Customer Privacy Policy

Worried about sharing personal content online? gogopdf understands your concern. In fact, in order to show that our business takes customer privacy very seriously, all uploaded files are automatically deleted from our server after an hour.

High Degree Of Accuracy

gogopdf preserves the layout and structure of the original document. It takes the text, images and effects of all the pre-converted documents and merges them into one huge, editable PDF file.

Secure Cloud Storage

Our tool runs entirely in your browser and is saved in the Cloud. Get merged PDF pages that are quick, clear, and with a high level of accuracy. There is no registration requirement, no software installation needed, either.

About Merge PDF

Do you have a ton of files scattered in your computer? Do you know that you have a potential recipe for disaster on your hands? Having a ton of unused files just lying around can eventually lead to a slowdown of your operating system. If what we just said also made you panic, relax because we’ve got some good news for you, if most of your files are PDF files. Instead of storing multiple PDF files in your device, you can use gogopdf’s Merge tool to put two or more PDFs in one single PDF document! Plus, you can also choose how the PDF pages will be arranged in your final document. Isn’t that neat? Unsure about the appearance of your merged document? No need to worry about that! gogopdf guarantees high quality PDF combination results. No words and layout will be changed in the final document. Plus, you don’t need to download any type of software to use it! Just go to our online site to have it done. Don’t wait till your computer breaks down! Organize your files -and your life- today!
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