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How To Convert PDF To PPT


1. Select the PDF file from your computer or drag and drop the PDF file into the conversion box.


2. Our converter will start turning your PDF file into an editable Powerpoint slide.


3. Wait for the conversion process to finish. This will take a few minutes.


4. Once conversion is done, download and save to your device, or share on all your social media accounts!

Key Features

How To Convert PDF To PPT slide

Our PDF to PPT converter helps transfer data from a PDF file to a Powerpoint slide. First, get the PDF file from your device or just drag and drop it into the conversion box. Wait for the converter to finish before downloading your brand new slide!

Compatible With Multiple Platforms

Transform PDF to PPT on every major operating system, Mac, Windows, or Linux. Access our PDF To PPT converter from all popular browsers and convert PDF files to go.

Fast Conversion Speed

Convert your PDF file to a fully editable Powerpoint slide in minutes! Our tool turns your PDF files to Powerpoint slides without compromising the accuracy, quality, and layout of the original file.

Privacy Protection

Careful about what you share online? We know where you’re coming from and we understand your concern. Since customer privacy is a top priority for us, all uploaded files are deleted after one hour.

Superior Accuracy

Our powerful online file converter turns PDF documents into Powerpoint presentations with no loss of quality. It retains all the text content, images, and hyperlinks in the generated Powerpoint presentation.

Stored In The Cloud

Access our PDF To PPT converter straight from your browser, no download needed, no software required! Every step of the conversion process is online and saved in the Cloud. All you need is Internet access, a web browser, and you’re ready to go!

About PDF to PPT

Nowadays, nearly every type of business uses PDF to help with their documents. People like to use PDF because PDF is a highly flexible format, one that is easily viewed on different devices. PDF files are really great to have around, except when you need to extract text and images from them. That’s where the real problem begins. What if you need to get data from a PDF for an upcoming business presentation? Copying each word will take forever, and if the presentation is urgent, that won’t do. This is where our PDF To PPT converter comes into play. In just a few minutes, every page in your PDF document will be converted to a new slide in PowerPoint! Your new slides will be 100% editable. You can alter text boxes, shapes, and pictures as you please. Think it’s all too good to be true? Why not go and see it for yourself? Give our site a try today!
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