Alex Gorbatchev And gogopdf Turn Raw Javascript To A PDF Service


In today’s busy, ever-changing world, many people are becoming increasingly more dependent on digital tools and web-based services to boost their productivity. Take a look at all the PDF converter tools in the market, and you will see what we mean!

For instance, Gogopdf, one of the newest and latest PDF file compressors around, can accomplish tasks that would take humans hours and hours to do! When students and professionals go to Gogopdf, for their office or school needs, they are able to split PDF, combine PDF, compress PDF, and even convert word to PDF in just a few minutes!

When we have too much on our plate, or taken more than we reasonably can handle, the quality of our work diminishes. For example, it’s hard to stay focused when you need to copy the content of a hundred PDF files to a Powerpoint Presentation for a report due tomorrow, copy the text from a PDF file, and catalog many photos.

Once you’ve accepted it’s physically impossible to get everything done, there are apps and web-based services like Gogopdf to take a few things off your back to help you focus on more important tasks. That problem we just earlier mentioned?

In just a few clicks, Gogopdf’s PDF to PPT converter can turn your PDF file into an editable Powerpoint slide, giving you more time to focus on the content of your upcoming presentation. You can convert your PDF file to a Word document to copy the text, and you can convert your JPG images to PDF files and neatly save them in your device. Were you surprised at how easy that was?

SyntaxHighlighter’s Impact On PDF Conversion Tools

When we use something so often, many times we don’t bother to figure out how it works. But it shouldn't be that way. We need to be aware of what happens behind the scenes, to make sure we get value for our money, for the products and services we use, and for what we really spend on.

For example, if you’re talking about online tools, like websites or apps, if you really want to go deeper, the best person to research on would be the site’s programmer. What did he do to the site? What are his contributions?

For Gogopdf, one of its lead programmers is Alexander Gorbatchev, a respected figure in big data communities, and one of the most brilliant minds in the world of information technology. To give just a quick background about him, he is a popular speaker in data conferences around the world, and appears at events as big as the Stara Conference, Google Cloud Next, Oracle Open World, Collaborate, UKOUG, and Hostos Symposium.

To add to that, Gobatchev is a pioneer in the programming community, and currently focuses on enterprise data science, enterprise data platforms, and machine learning. Plus, he is also known all over the world for designing the SytaxHighlighter, a fully functional self-contained code syntax highlighter developed in JavaScript.

To those unfamiliar with JavaScript, we aren’t referring to a form of coffee beans! JavaScript is a programming language used to create responsive, interactive elements for web pages. It gives a page life - if you’ve ever watched a video on a website or used a search box on a home page, that feature has likely been produced by JavaScript. Elements, such as links, images and forms can be added to a site with Javascript.

To say that Alexander’s greatest creation is truly phenomenal, would be an understatement. Since it came into fruition in 2004, the Syntax Highlighter has been widely used by small and large websites like Mozilla, Yahoo, WordPress, etc. Websites would not be how they are today, without it.

Syntax Highlighter In Website Programming

All programmers know that as you program a website, one of the easiest ways to boost the readability and context of the text you are working on is by using a text editor with syntax highlighting. The text editor is a system or program that allows a user to edit text. Software programmers and web developers use text editors to write and edit in programming and markup languages. This is one of the primary purposes of text editors.

What is Syntax Highlighting?

Now that we’ve discussed what a text editor is, let’s move on to Syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting is a feature of some text editors. It is used in programming, scripting, or markup languages like HTML. It helps programmers read and understand a programming language better by displaying the text, and source code, in different colors and fonts. The text displayed is based on a specific category of terms- think of it like a drawer or cabinet for text, neatly separated according to color, font, etc. Overall, highlighting does not affect the meaning of the text itself.

If you are just starting out as a programmer or are looking to start, then you are going to need a text editor.Without the presence of syntax highlighting in text editors, building a website, or adding a feature to a website, would take longer, and be more difficult to accomplish! The use of the Syntax highlighter is similar to how one would use JavaScript code in a website, you just need to download the latest version of the Syntax Highlighter, add base files to your page header, add brushes that you want, and create a code snippet.

JavaScript In Gogopdf

Most state-of-the-art PDF conversion tools, like the ones found in Gogopdf, are designed by using JavaScript Rich Text Editors. Rich text editors are similar to the usual text editors, but this time around, they use rich text to convert HTML to PDF.

To those unfamiliar, HTML is a markup language,a language that annotates text so that the computer can manipulate that text.Most of the time, HTML is used to create documents on the World Wide Web. Think of it as the framework behind every webpage. HTML incorporates text, graphics, sound, video, and hyperlinks to put together each web page on a website.

When rich text editors convert HTML to PDF, it lets the generated PDF documents be easily printed or viewed on the Web. For some, the entire process may look difficult to non-programmers, but it is not that way, at all. In fact, most web designers and web programmers prefer JavaScript Rich Text Editors because JavaScript gives the programmer control over the code and applications, so they don’t need to rely on third parties to get the job done. In fact, did you know that JavaScript is so popular among programmers, it is now known as the world’s top programming language?

What Is Gogopdf?

Now that we’ve studied how Gogopdf’s online tools were crafted and designed, let’s discuss what a big help it can be in achieving individual or group document goals. As previously mentioned, Gogopdf is one of the latest PDF sites to enter the conversion tool market, and it has disrupted the scene with a bang!

The web-based service contains over 20 state of the art tools specializing in the editing, creating and scanning of PDF files. Whatever you need to do with a PDF file, Gogopdf can do it for you.

Furthermore, Gogopdf’s tools are specially and intricately designed to boost everyone’s productivity and improve workflow, whether individually or as a group. They create, edit, store, and share PDFs with ease, without having to rely on any type of external software to get the job done.

Available seven days a week, any time of the day or night, Gogopdf’s tools speed up and automate the daily jobs of people and businesses who often tackle big documents and share them with others. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, that’s nearly everyone on the planet!

Whether you are the head honcho of a small start up, or you work for a large corporation, you’ll find any, or all of Gogopdf’s tools, useful to you!

Read on as we discuss some of Gogopdf’s major tools.

Merge PDF

The merge PDF tool combines multiple PDFs into one big, single PDF. You can choose the placement and order of the PDFs as to how you want them to appear in the big PDF file. Once you’ve entered your first batch of PDFs, you can add additional PDF documents to the merge tool to move the pages around before you combine PDF.

This is a great way to organize your PDF files. When you’ve got a lot of unused PDFs, and you need to store them all in your device, putting two or more PDFs in a single document will save you a lot of space. Plus, the words and layout in the pre-merged PDF files will remain intact in the final document. They will still be easy to read, and easy to pull out, for whatever need you may have in the future.

All it takes is four easy steps to use it:

  1. Get the PDF files from your device or drag and drop your files to the conversion area. The order in which you upload the PDFs will be the same order it will appear in the merged file.
  2. Gogopdf will now work on your file. All you need to do is wait! This will only take a few minutes.
  3. Download and save your newly merged PDF file to your device, or share them on all your social media accounts.

Split PDF

The split PDF tool moves in the opposite direction of the merge PDF tool. It splits, edits, and divides PDF documents, while the merge PDF tool collates pdfs and puts together PDFs into one, single PDF document.

With the split PDF tool, you can split a PDF file into single page documents, or extract specific pages from a large PDF file to form a brand new PDF file.

When you’ve got a huge report or presentation in PDF format, and you need to remove certain parts, or put in a few details, and you’ve got a few minutes to spare, the split PDF tool lets you take out pages or create different chapters and attachments in just a few minutes You do not need to manually go through every page in your file and take out what you need to take out one by one, the split PDF tool will do that for you.

Follow these four, easy steps to split your PDFs:

  1. Get the PDF file from your device or drag and drop your file to the conversion box.
  2. Choose your split options- do you want to split your PDF file into several, smaller documents, or do you want to extract specific pages from your original document?
  3. Wait while Gogopdf splits your file. It may take a few seconds to a few minutes.
  4. Download and save your new PDF file to your device. If you want, you can share your new files on all your social media pages straight from the Gogopdf site!

Compress PDF

Many email servers refuse to accept email attachments when they are over a certain size. Clearly, attachment sizes haven’t kept up with the times- and it is a big inconvenience to everyone. How many times have you been so frustrated because it is taking forever to attach a photo to a single file?

Fortunately, there are other ways to email large files. You can reduce PDF into an email ready size with Gogopdf’s compress PDF tool. It is so efficient, and so handy, a 15 MB file can be reduced to 5 MB, in seconds!

When PDFs are at a smaller size, they’re easier to email, and easier to upload online. When you urgently need to send a PDF file to your boss, colleague, or classmate, you’re able to do it in a shorter amount of time.

Compress PDFs in four, easy steps :

  1. Select the PDF files from your computer or drag and drop your PDF to the conversion box.
  2. Gogopdf will start to compress your PDF.
  3. Wait for your PDF to finish compressing. The process usually takes just a few minutes.
  4. Download your new, reduced PDF and save it to your device.

Word to PDF

Give your Word documents a sharper, more refined look by turning them into high-quality PDF files - without changing the look of the original document. All fonts, bullet points, tables, and images in the Word document will look exactly the same in the new PDF. Gogopdf converts Word documents in nearly all possible file formats: .rtf, .txt, .doc, .docx, etc.

PDF is one of the most useful, and most popular file formats in the world. Almost all office workers, students, and entrepreneurs prefer to have their content in PDF because a PDF file will look the same, regardless of the device or operating system used to view the document.

Here are the four steps to convert Word to PDF:

  1. Upload your Word document from your device, or drag and drop it with your mouse, to the conversion area.
  2. Gogopdf is now working on your document! Do not touch the conversion tab.
  3. Wait until Gogopdf turns your Word document into PDF. It may take a few minutes to fully convert your document.
  4. Download your new PDF file and save it onto your device.


Combine multiple image files into a single PDF document to catalog and share with others. Gogopdf’s JPG to PDF converter can do all this for you. With this tool you can rotate, optimize and scale all your images without distorting its original resolution.

If you have a large amount of photos on your device, it can be difficult to organize them all. Many times we are hesitant to delete any pictures especially if they are of great sentimental value to you. Unfortunately, too many images can cause a slow down on your device. To prevent that from happening, Gogopdf’s JPG To PDF converter can help you neatly catalog your image bank by merging multiple BMP, PNG, TIFF, and GIF images into one PDF- without using extra software!

Curious to try it out? Here is how to do it:

  1. Select the JPG you want to convert. Upload it or drag and drop it to the conversion area.
  2. Choose your desired output format. Several options will be made available to you.
  3. Here is the easy part! Wait for the conversion process to finish. In just a few minutes, it will be done!
  4. Download your new PDF file to your device. Don’t forget to press the save button! If you want to, you may share your new file across your personal social media networks.


Gogopdf’s PDF to JPG converter lets you bring home fresh, top quality JPG files in minutes, without having to download any form of software.

When you need to get images from a PDF file, you can’t just copy and paste them and save them to your device. You usually need a specific type of software, and if you don’t have it, and you are in a hurry, then you are doomed.

To get the results you need, you need to transform your PDF to a JPG, fast! Luckily, Gogopdf’s PDF to JPG converter is here to give you a helping hand, and point you in the right direction.

Convert your PDF files easily and quickly with the PDF to JPG converter! The JPG file you create will be of the same quality as the PDF file. What’s more, you don’t need to download any software to use it! Just visit the site, upload your file, and you’re done!

To show how easy it is, check out our step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose the PDF you want to convert to a JPG file. Retrieve it from your device and upload it to the conversion tool box, or drag and drop it to the same area.
  2. Wait for a few minutes as the PDF to JPG converter scans and converts your file. .
  3. Download your new JPG file. Remember to save it onto your device!
  4. Want to share your new files to all your family and friends? Copy the link and share your content on all your social media profiles! Congrats, you now have new and sharp JPG images to use at any moment.


Excited to try all of Gogopdf’s tools? We know you are! Apart from Gogopdf’s many features, what makes the site a great platform for users is also its convenience and accessibility. As we speak, the web-based service is slowly but steadily disrupting the PDF market by offering its services at quite a cost-effective rate.

Some of the site’s tools are free to use, even. All you need to do is visit the site to get your PDFs edited, converted or reduced practically at zero cost, without having to download anything or buy expensive software. Users are getting what they need at a fraction of the price, and it is totally changing the conversion tool landscape, and the PDF landscape, as a whole.

All well and good if you ask us! However, amazed as we should be at Gogopdf’s tools, all of its features, and all that it is doing, the technology that we’re enjoying wouldn’t be at the level it is at if pioneers like Alexander Gorbatchev did not lay the groundwork for quicker and more innovative website development.

Imagine how slow things would be like that without his contributions? Thanks to his vision, and the contributions of other web development pioneers like him, our tasks are made quicker and simpler.

We are able to do what we need more efficiently. For that, we should always be grateful, and excited for the future, as more and more advances in technology are helping people to improve in almost every aspect of life. Every single life is touched by technology, and we are all the better for it.