Making the Most Out Of gogoPDF: TredoSoft's Hints and How-Tos


The PDF community is often burdened with many processes to learn. It also does not help that the PDF community is a growing population, with many students and employees using PDF everyday.

Everyday, more and more people use PDF for their day-to-day tasks. For example, people use this to send hundreds of holiday photos to family, or to make sure PDF pages stay confidential for office safety. At one point or another, you will find yourself looking for PDF editing tools. This is because the world’s most popular file format is popular for a reason. This reason is: accessibility.

PDFs do not need a platform to work. Thus, editing them requires third party programs. Should you want to compress PDF files, reduce PDF size, convert JPG to PDF, merge PDF files, or separate PDF pages, you will need third party Adobe skills.

Platforms like gogoPDF make sure you do not have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to do these. GogoPDF, available on all browsers and operating systems, does this automatically and within a few minutes.

This article brushes up on all the basic things you need to know about gogoPDF. With the help of Tredosoft, this runs down the essential hints and how-tos of using gogoPDF’s tools.

First Off: Tredosoft


Tredosoft is a modern technology blog that gives you the best how-to guides online. Other than this, you can also access Tredosoft for hints and commentary on the latest news about software development. If you need someone’s two cents about anything relating to the internet, you can rely on Tredosoft.

Even topics like network security and operating systems find their spot on Tredosoft. These days, Tredosoft supports many different software products in development. The people behind the platform believe that every little program can help the digital ecosystem. These products can be commercially or non-commercially available. All Tredosoft needs is potential and the willingness to work hard.

Support is most given to programs that help the general public. Tredosoft’s mantra is ‘Every little program helps’, and they stick to it. GogoPDF ticks this box easy, because PDF is the world’s most popular file format. Meaning, a lot of people need to know how to move, edit, and send their PDFs around.

What is PDF?

How many people use PDF?


When the internet was becoming everyone’s favorite medium, people found new ways to talk to each other fast. This transcended location, language, and time. Everything was instant, and everything could be passed on from one person to another.

One of the biggest challenges was making a file type that worked wherever you used it. As businesses and other work became transatlantic, there was no guarantee that your file type would work on a foreigner’s computer.

Adobe, who at the time was also developing new features for computers, stepped up to the plate. The people behind it knew that machines would keep getting better, and that their current file types would have to keep getting better with them.

The PDF file, also known as the Portable Document Format, was Adobe’s solution to this problem. Anyone can open a PDF file no matter where they were, and even when they were.

The cofounder of Adobe wrote, "These documents should be viewable on any display and should be printable on any modern printer. If this problem can be solved, then the fundamental way people work will change."

You can store documents, forms, images, and even html codes as PDFs. It is a platform-independent file type, meaning that it does not need a specific platform to work. Think of it as the anti-microsoft Word.

Now, there are over 2.5 trillion PDF files worldwide. There is no way of knowing for sure how many people use them, but for numbers to reach a trillion---it must mean millions of people do each day.

What Can People Do To PDFs?


Since PDF files are used for many reasons and across many platforms, people often find themselves having to edit them in more ways than one. Users, regardless of age, may need to compress PDF files, convert from JPG to PDF, merge PDF files, and split PDF files.

Many also find themselves having to convert different file types to PDF. This will include powerpoints, word documents, and more.

Despite PDF files working wherever, doing these tasks are more taxing than one would think. PDF files rarely need work done, but when they need to be edited, you will need a third party platform to do so.

As an option, you can polish your Adobe skills. However, this may not be the most attractive choice to people who need a quick edit. Busy people thrive on convenience, and this is what platforms like gogoPDF offer.

What is GogoPDF?


One of the internet’s best online PDF converter platforms, GogoPDF is an online PDF service that does the heavy lifting for you. It performs many pdf-based functions for its end users, absolving them of any PDF issues in the long run.

PDF files, as mentioned above, are one of the most common file types today. This is because of its flexibility and accessibility. Thus, it does not matter whether you are a student getting by or an employee with errands to run: you will come across PDF files.

You will also need to edit them, secure them, and share them. GogoPDF gives you 20 tools to do these in as many different ways as you can. Getting into the specifics, you can opt to compress pdf files, reduce pdf size, convert jpg to pdf, and merge pdf files all in one place. These are some of the most common tasks run on GogoPDF, but this is not all it can do.

GogoPDF also has a PDF splitter, which helps you separate PDF pages. No need to watch endless online tutorials on how to do it yourself, which saves you time, energy, and resources.

As long as you have internet connection, you can use GogoPDF. The platform also has a phone app, if you are interested. It is committed to be there whenever you need it. Rest assured you can use gogoPDF anytime and anywhere.

PDF Weight Loss: Compressing Your PDFs

A universal experience in using PDFs would probably be the hassle of figuring out how to compress PDF files. For anyone who has to send a quick email, finding out that your file is too big is a large drawback.

If you find yourself in this situation (and you will), gogoPDF has you covered. Its compress PDF features make it convenient for you to send your files to whomever you want to. You can do this without ever having to worry if it is too heavy or not.

Compress PDF is useful for files that contain large and heavy images. These can increase the weight of your files, making it difficult to send them immediately. GogoPDF’s compress PDF reduces these images’ size, texts, borders, and frames by up to 90%. Best yet, it automatically does this without ever compromising your file’s original features.

Doing these yourself, with several manuals and online tutorial tabs open, will be a hassle. There is no assurance that you will get these right on your first try, too. Using gogoPDF’s compress PDF feature eases you of any stress these learning curves can give you. You will not see any differences between your new and old files.

Saving you time and resources, gogoPDF can be accessed on any browser. Compress your PDFs wherever you are, with whatever technology you are using.

How To Compress PDF Files on gogoPDF

Compressing your PDF files on gogoPDF is easy. You can do this in five quick and easy steps:

1.On the home page, press the ‘Compress PDF’ button. It will redirect you to gogoPDF’s PDF compressor page.

2.Next, select PDF files from your computer. You can opt to choose from your computer or from dropbox. An easier choice would be to drag and drop your PDF file to the conversion box.

3.GogoPDF will then compress your PDF file. This will take a few minutes at most.

4.Download your compressed PDF and save it to your device. You can also double-check your file for surety. Chances are though, your file is already the best reduced version of itself.

Sorting Through Holiday Images: Convert JPG to PDF

The holidays are fast approaching. Like any other life event, everyone’s amount of photos will experience a surge. Moreover, these photos are rarely kept to yourself; your family members are going to want copies of them, too.

This is usually the point where you transfer hundreds of your photos to your computer, taking a little over a few hours. Why would it take that long?

Each image must be over 3MB, in the highest quality possible. This shows how our phones and cameras have changed throughout time, but you cannot deny that this keeps you from even taking pictures in the first palace. One may want to slide out of the responsibility of sorting through thousands of photos for hours.

GogoPDF also offers solutions for problems like these. Their image to PDF function can collate all your holiday images into one single PDF. This reduces their file sizes and makes sure your images are organized accordingly. Insert any photo you want, it will automatically reduce the file size of even 20 images.

This option can only do so much, so if you are still unsatisfied, you can use gogoPDF’s ‘Compress PDF’ feature above. Either way, snapshots of your holidays will not go to waste. Sending them will no longer be a chore for you. Your family members get all the pictures that they need. Everyone wins in the end.

How to Convert JPG to PDF on gogoPDF

If you want to get a head start on the holidays or other family events, try gogoPDF’s ‘Convert JPG to PDF’ yourself. Follow these steps:

1.On the home page, press the ‘JPG to PDF’ button. It will redirect you to gogoPDF’s JPG to PDF page.

2.Select the JPG files you want to convert, and drag and drop them in gogoPDF’s conversion box. You can also choose from your computer or dropbox documents.

3.Choose your output format and wait for the conversion process to finish.

4.Download your new PDF file into your new device. You may also share it in your social media networks, if you want everyone to see your photos already.

Note: This supports other file formats. Convert BMP, PNG, TIFF, and GIF files to PDF with the same ease as JPG. GogoPDF is compatible with all of these file formats.

Community Service: Merging PDFs with gogoPDF

As PDF continues to be the world’s most accessible file format, people will find themselves merging many PDFs into one. For people who need to collect and collate information, this is another tedious PDF process to learn.

If you find yourself having to combine similar and multiple PDFs together, worry not. GogoPDF has all the tools you need.

Anyone who has ever had to merge PDFs together by themselves knows the hassle of remembering the pages, making sure you do not make any mistakes. GogoPDF gets rid of this experience.

To begin with, gogoPDF’s merge feature has PDF slide previews. This means you can see each page of your PDF file, making it easier for you to choose which ones you want to merge with what pages. With gogoPDF, you can merge any PDF file with over two pages together. You can also do this in whatever you order you want.

Do all this for the price of nothing. Yes, you do not have to be a technology expert to merge PDF files together. This may have been the case in the past, but platforms like gogoPDF are making it easier for everyone to tinker with the world’s most popular file format. No expertise and experience is needed when using gogoPDF, too.

How to Merge PDF using gogoPDF

Learn how to combine pdf files with these simple steps.

1.On the home page, press the ‘Merge PDF’ button. It will redirect you to gogoPDF’s Merge PDF page.

2.Select the files you want to convert, and use the drag and drop method to upload them into gogoPDF’s conversion box. You can also select from your computer documents or dropbox. Note that the order you upload your PDFs will be the same order it will be in the merged file.

3.Wait for the conversion process to finish. At most, this takes a few minutes.

4.Download your newly merged PDF file.

A Hundred Pages Done, Never Easier: PDF Splitter

When sharing PDF files across platforms, people often struggle with splitting their PDF’s pages. Especially in business set-ups, not every part of a file can be shared, as this puts confidential matters at risk.

The solution to this is simple, but carrying it out is not. Without gogoPDF’s PDF splitter function, you will be burdened with the task of extracting pages using Adobe’s tools. These tools need expert-level Adobe skills, and not everyone is interested in going through Adobe’s Help Center.

Basically, this is also a tedious process. However, gogoPDF’s PDF splitter gives you the ability to share the most important parts of your PDF with ease. Third party programs cannot hold a flame to the convenience of gogoPDF. The platform only needs you to select pages you want to separate and split. After that, you have your new and splitted file/s.

Choosing these pages will not be a hassle either. GogoPDF has preview slides of each page for your convenience.

Sorting out documents should not take as much energy as it does when using third party programs. For people on-the-go, this can be a counterproductive task. Using gogoPDF puts these concerns at ease.

How to split pdf using gogoPDF

1.On the home page, press the ‘Split PDF’ button. It will redirect you to gogoPDF’s Split PDF page.

2.Select the files you want to convert, and use the drag and drop method to upload them into gogoPDF’s conversion box. You can also select from your computer documents or dropbox.

3.Before it splits your PDF, it will ask you how you want your PDFs split. Would you want smaller documents from your original file, or do you only want to extract specific pages?

4.Wait for the conversion process to finish. Like with all other gogoPDF tasks, this will take a few minutes at most.

5.Download your newly split PDF file/s. GogoPDF has the tools you need to share these fast, too. You can share them straight to your social media pages or emails from here.

In short? GogoPDF is helpful

Easy to Use


As mentioned in GogoPDF: The Internet's Best Online PDF Converter, convenience is the platform’s biggest benefit. It processes your files in a matter of minutes, and automatically gives you the tools you need to send them with ease.

Compared to private third party softwares, gogoPDF is better for users. Of course, the former is an expert’s choice, especially if you need specific practices done. However, with over 20 PDF tools to choose from, who is to say gogoPDF can’t be an expert’s platform to use?

The most basic tools you need are on gogoPDF, but it does not stop there. GogoPDF also has other useful features such as ‘Unlock PDF’, ‘eSign PDF’ and ‘Add watermark’. Carrying out these tasks usually take longer than they should, but not with gogoPDF. All you need to do is drag and drop your files and decide how you want them edited.

Free to Use


The best part about gogoPDF is that it is also free to use. Third party softwares can cost you a pretty penny, but why pay when it can be done for free? GogoPDF already has over 20 tools you will need to send your PDF files fast and with utmost ease.

The platform has so many functions that you do not need to pay for, which makes this a good choice for literally anyone on the planet. It will not matter if you are an upper class businessman or a high school student. GogoPDF will have the tools you need to make sure your PDF files are edited to your convenience.

For no price at all, you can make sure your documents are clean, secure, and accessible to anyone on the planet. This is why opting for gogoPDF is always a sound choice for its millions of PDF users worldwide.



Trillions of PDF files are present on the planet today. This number is not steadily growing, and experiences quite the opposite: there will be millions more by the end of today. Thus, the original challenge remains. How do you make gogoPDF accessible to as many people as possible?

A platform like gogoPDF is only as good as the operating systems and browsers it can work on. What is the point of working with the world’s most popular file format if you cannot access its many editing tools?

GogoPDF can work with popular softwares such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. If you are using a different software, you can push your luck, because gogoPDF notes that all you need is internet connection.

As for browsers, you can access gogoPDF on popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. The platform does not shy away from concerns you may have about this, so if you do have any, you can contact them through their official website.



Lastly, gogoPDF is a safe option for anyone. Data breaches are no joke. This is a real concern many businesses and businessmen struggle with daily. Concerns of safety may even be the reason why people are unsure about using gogoPDF.

However, these concerns should be put to ease because gogoPDF values the confidentiality of every customer. It deletes your files within an hour after you upload them, making it hard to find your ‘digital paper trail’.

GogoPDF also makes sure that you consent whenever you send your signature out to many people. Often, people send their signatures without thinking, so gogoPDF sounds the alarm whenever you have to.

The platform also makes sure recipients of your signature are well aware of your privacy. It will not release your signed files without you and your recipients agreeing on specific terms and conditions.

Final Word

There are many uses for gogoPDF. Whether you want to compress PDF files, reduce PDF size, convert JPG to PDF, merge PDF files, or separate PDF pages, gogoPDF has you covered.

Gone are the days you have to pay for third party platforms to teach you how to do these all by yourself. These were tedious processes that will not be missed. With over 20 easy and free-to-use tools, gogoPDF cements itself as one of the internet’s best online PDF converters.