Raptr Makes Gaming Manuals in PDF


As soon as people were ordered to stay home to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus, many looked for fun and meaningful ways to make use of the extra time they had. Some picked up a new hobby, studied something new, or learned how to do new different things online - like merge PDF or convert PDF documents with PDF compressor tools. Others took a more laid back approach to dealing with quarantine, those who were kids and kids at heart spent their time playing games.

It comes as no surprise that one of the most preferred options during the coronavirus-led lockdown was playing games. When you play games, you immerse yourself in a fantasy where imagination can run free. You explore new worlds and explore never before seen places. Did you know that based on a study by Interpret, a video games insight agency, people enjoyed playing games during the lockdown so much, the gaming industry increased by as much as 34% to 53% per month- in this year alone!

Game Industry Boom

Indeed, the game industry is showing no signs of stopping - in 2019, global game revenue grew to $68.5B, and by the end of the year, experts predict that overall game revenue will reach an estimated whopping $76 billion dollars!

Did you know that the gaming industry is so big, and so tremendously lucrative, people are building worlds around it? Companies are spending millions of dollars on building social media sites and video streaming sites that target gamers. And they’ve been very successful with it - sites like these, like GamerVision, Twitch, and Steam, rake in thousands, even millions of views per day! Albeit, as popular as they may be, the most dedicated of gamers will always have a special place in their heart for the groundbreaking gaming service called Raptr.


Raptr offered a plethora of game-tracking and game-enhancement features through a desktop app. In many ways, it was the godfather of all the social network gaming sites. When it was established in 2007, Raptr was the biggest gaming social network in the world. Whether you enjoyed playing games on PCs or consoles, if you liked games, you had to be on Raptr. At its peak, the site had 20 million users, not too shabby for a social media endeavour that existed before social media was even popular. Back then, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Tik Tok wasn't even invented. Clearly, Raptr was ahead of its time in oh, so many ways.

Raptr’s Popularity

Gamers loved Raptr because there was so much to do on the site- users could broadcast their gameplay, discover what games their friends are playing, connect with communities of gamers, and even earn cool rewards while playing. Indeed, many of the world’s most popular gaming influencers build their online reputation on Raptr. Now that we know how big it was, how exactly did it come about?

History Of Raptr

Dennis Fong, co-founder of freeware instant messaging X-Fire, founded the company in 2007. Raptr’s first office was located in Mountain View, California. Once it was established, Fong company raised 12 million dollars in funding from venture capital firms Founders Fund and Accel Partners just to keep it afloat.

Raptr’s Features

What made gaming enthusiasts like Raptr so much? You could play Raptr anywhere. It worked as a downloadable application for Microsoft Windows. The gaming service supported Windows Live Messenger, GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Facebook Chat protocols. Avid gamers also loved Raptr’s wide range of awesome features. When users logged on the website, they could track their game play time and share game reviews, game related information and game activity stats with other users.

Players could directly share their gaming accomplishments on various social media sites as well. The social media networks famous at the time were Plurk, Twitter, and Facebook. To add to that, if players had a Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network account, it was very easy to link it up with Raptr. It’s plain to see that Raptr brought the gaming community together in more ways than one. The social network service provided gaming enthusiasts with a safe community for people around the world to watch, play, and share games with others.

Raptr Rewards

One of Raptr’s most popular features was its Raptr Rewards section. Raptr Rewards was a program from Raptr that rewarded active gamers with real awards just for playing their favorite games. Every time a player won, he or she was given a corresponding number of points. These points were exchanged for different rewards. Some of these rewards included in-game items, avatars, access to new games, etc.

Raptr’s Partnerships

Raptr strived to give the best service to its customers and wasn’t afraid to partner with various organizations, even if they could be seen as competitors, to help accomplish its different goals.One of its most significant partnerships was with GameSpot, a video gaming website that provided reviews, news, downloads, and other pertinent information on video games.

GameSpot users who signed up for the free service could display their Raptr gameplay data on GameSpot, as well as keep tabs on what their friends are playing in real time. The integration between Raptr and GameSpot also let users track their progress in games from both sites, or get suggestions from a game-recommendation engine.

Raptr also had successful partnerships with ijji, a free multiplayer, game portal website, and Activision, one of the largest third-party video game publishers in the world, and 2016’s top American video game publisher.

Raptr’s Reinvention And Demise

In 2014, the company reinvented itself to focus on computer games. According to founder Dennis Fong, since the decision was influenced by the biggest pain point PC gamers’ biggest struggle, the platform as a whole. Since everybody had a different PC, there were a million different configurations for playing games which led to division within the community.

Unfortunately, Raptr was shut down in 2017, 10 years after it was first opened to the public. Raptr CEO and founder Dennis Fong confirmed the closure with this statement:

"We are sad to announce that we will be closing Raptr on September 30th, 2017. We want to start by thanking you for your support over the past 10 years. The world is different today than when we first launched Raptr. Many companies offer game optimization tools. Having an independent platform to do this is no longer necessary."

Raptr had a good run, and it didn’t reach that level of its success on its own. Online tools similar to the ones on PDF converter site gogopdf, played a huge role in Raptr's success. They helped users, gamers, and designers convert, compress, and edit their digital documents.

Gogopdf Tools Help Gamers

It’s common knowledge that students and office professionals regularly use PDF tools like the ones you will find on the gogopdf site - the Compress PDF tool, PDF merge tool and the Word to PDF conversion service- to help students and businessmen alike with their reports and presentations. But did you know that gaming enthusiasts and game designers greatly benefit from file conversion tools, as well?

Building Gaming Manuals With PDF Tools

We all know that each game comes with a corresponding game guide or game manual. Most of the time these manuals are in-game tutorials that teach players on how to play the game. When you buy a video game, or a computer game, it is usually part of the video game or computer game package. Manuals come in many different sizes- they can be large, with hundreds of pages, or small, made of tiny, single sheets. Some user manuals are listed in different languages.

Computer Manuals And Video Game Manuals

How do computer game manuals differ from video game manuals? Computer game manuals are usually thicker and longer than video game manuals because computer games require a more in-depth explanation of their user interface, tips and tricks, and game mechanics. Computer game manuals come with installation instructions as well, step-by-step guides to help users install the game on their device. Some manuals are over 100 pages long!

Now, imagine if you were assigned to write a 200-page manual for the new Assassin’s Creed game or Yakuza game. You’re halfway through the project when your boss wants you to email your work so far because the higher ups would like to make a few, very urgent revisions to the game’s manual. Attaching multiple documents and files to email will take forever, and upper management needs it within the day.

Word to PDF

You can panic and cry, or you can go to gogopdf and convert your Word document, your file, saved as doc to PDF or saved as docx to PDF. You might be thinking, how will transforming a Word document to a professional-quality PDF help? First off, PDF files are lighter and quicker to email than Word documents.

PDF files also help maintain the integrity of a document’s original formatting regardless of the device or operating system used to generate the document. Anyone assigned to check the gaming manial you are working on, whether they are using a desktop, laptop, android, or iOS device will see the document the same way you did.

And if your document is in .doc or .docx format, you’ve got all the more reason to convert Word to PDF. This is because once a Word document is saved in a .doc, or .doc format., only those with a paid version of Microsoft Word will be able to view it. As you can see,, as opposed to a Word document, a PDF document is far easier to manage. Everyone can open a PDF file. Even web browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome can be used to open it.

To add to that, gogopdf’s Word To PDF converter is quick, easy, efficient to use, and absolutely free. To see just how easy it is to use, simply follow the four, easy steps below, four steps to get high-quality Word documents in minutes!

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Compress PDF

Once you’ve converted your Word document file to PDF, should you prefer to reduce the size of your PDF even further, gogopdf’s Compress PDF tool can do that for you, too. gogopdf’s PDF compressor provides a hassle-free way to reduce file size, making it easier to email, publish and download your document, while preserving the format and layout of your original file. Image size, text, borders and frames will look exactly the same as the ones in the original document. An end-user will find it hard to see the difference!

All it takes is four, easy steps to make your PDF file smaller:

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When a hard drive stops working or fails, it is a nerve wracking event. Important files and documents are gone in a minute. But if it happens to you, all is not necessarily lost, if you know how to save your work before any disaster occurs.

gogopdf helps you do that - for free- by transforming all your files to PDF and storing them in the Cloud. The best part is gogopdf allows you to do that anytime, anywhere, from any device! This is because gogopdf is generated on the Cloud, and also allows you to save your work from the site to a Cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

As you can clearly see, gogopdf’s Compress PDF tool and Word to PDF conversion service has certainly been a big help to video game writers, designers and other members of the gaming community by providing them with a faster and easier way to email, share, store and publish gaming manuals and gaming guides.

Convert JPG to PDF

Impressive as that may be, we’ve only scratched the surface on how PDF tools help the gaming industry optimize their services. Here’s another one we’ve noticed - If you play games a lot, you know that nearly all of today’s popular games require multiple players.

Whether you’re trying to take the citadel or an enemy faction, or trying to kill a certain number of people to bring your team to victory, you can’t win a game solo. You need to work with your clan, a group of video players that play together in one or more multiplayer games.

Some clans join big gaming competitions, while other clans are small gaming squads made up of friends. They don’t usually join professional competitions, and usually just play with one another. However, whether you’re part of a big clan or a small clan, one thing that will never change is the importance of teamwork. You need to work with your clan, to accomplish your team’s goal.

And while you are in the game, sometimes, you need to take multiple screenshots to share with your teammates. Sharing screenshots of players’ moves and final scores help build tactics at a team-level. This will be very helpful to you if you are the captain of your team, because as captain, part of the job is to analyze the positive and negative characteristics of the members of the team in order to formulate effective game play strategies that will help you help reach long-term goals.

In order to implement this, team captains need screenshots, and most screenshots can be as big as 2 to 3 MBs. That will certainly take up a lot of space on your device, You could optimize your screenshots, but with gogopdf there’s an even easier solution. The file conversion site’s JPG To PDF converter allows you to merge multiple jpegs into one PDF document quickly and efficiently. You’ll no longer have to send screenshot after screenshot of to your teammates, because with the convert JPG to PDF tool, you can put as much as 20 screenshots of individual scores into a single PDF file!

Plus, the JPG to PDF function on gogopdf also supports other file formats, so if you’ve got image files in BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, gogopdf wil be cool with that. The digital tool will still be able to read it, squeeze all the images into one file, and produce a PDF! Or, if you just want to flex for a little bit, you can use the JPG To PDF converter to show off your amazing scores and just how hard you worked in your previous games.

There’s nothing wrong with being good to yourself, and practicing a little self-love, right? When your Kill : Death : Ratio in Combat Arms is too good not to be shared, why not take hundreds of screenshots of your final score and place them all in a PDF file, like a digital scoreboard/trophy?

We show you how to convert JPG to PDF here:

  1. Get the JPG you will work on from your device. You can do that, or just drag and drop the file into the conversion area.
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Merge PDF

Should you decide to combine PDF documents you have created, to make an even bigger compilation of your scores for say, your gaming portfolio, another gogopdf tool, the Merge PDF service, is what you need. It can fuse your PDF document with multiple gaming screenshots in it, into one, big PDF!

This awesome PDF tool can do it for you within seconds, at a fast speed, at that! You can also adjust the order in which the PDF documents will be merged. If you want to add more PDFs to your existing series of files before you begin merging them, you can do that, too.

Follow these four, simple steps to get high-quality PDF combination results:

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Share PDF

Once you’re done merging the files, gogopdf helps gamers finish off the process through the help of its Share PDF tool, or Share Document function. What can the Share PDF tool do? The Share PDF tool allows users to send large files fast, without having to open to open their Gmail account.

All over the world, avid gamers have taken advantage of this tool by using it to quickly send files related to gameplays, strategies, gaming news on and so forth. By doing so, they were able to simplify and elevate their play experience in a simple and impactful manner.

If you’re interested in learning about the Share document function of gogopdf, feel free to check out the step-by-step guide we’ve laid out for you below:

  1. Upload the document you’ll be sharing. Get it from your computer, or drag and drop it in the conversion box.
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The events of 2020 have changed the world as we know it. In many ways, things will never be the same again, and we need to accept it and move on. If we insist on continuing to do things as before, it’s not going to end well. We sooner or later will be left behind. Thus, in order to adapt to the new and evolving reality we are in, we need to see things from different eyes, and work on new and innovative collaborations.

That could very well be the direction the gaming community is moving towards. To some, it seems like an unlikely interaction- the meeting of the minds between the gaming industry and the file conversion market- but it has definitely worked, and it has worked wonders for many gamers, all over the world.

And we've got gogopdf to thank for that, as well. Despite it being a relatively new site, gogopdf has proven to be a valuable asset to the gaming community in more ways than one. May it not be the first, may it be a sign of better things to come, and may it altogether lead to more collaborations between the two parties in the future.