WebMetrics Compliments PDF Tools and Services

WebMetrics Compliments PDF Tools and Services

by gogopdf

When a PDF converter tool has been recommended by an expert in web analytics, you know that you can only expect high-quality results. Marshall Sponder, a web analyst more popularly known as WebMetricsGuru, has plenty to say about gogoPDF and how its features can help you in reducing PDF file sizes. This online PDF converter not only converts Word documents to PDF but also offers unique features such as merging, splitting and compressing PDF files.

But what exactly is a PDF and why do you need to reduce their sizes? And how can such a PDF tool help in the education sector?

What Is A PDF?

A portable document format or PDF is initially intended to be a read-only file which means that once saved and sent, the reader cannot alter the content. This includes the layout of the document as well as the text or images if any. The main reason for this is convenience. Often, when you send a Word document, it can accidentally be edited by the recipient and that can cause problems. What if it is an important legal document or a CV? Altering their contents can put both you and the recipient in trouble. Thus, PDF was invented. Today, however, it has become more versatile. You can now edit PDF files that have been created by someone else but with limited access. You will learn more about that below.

PDF was first created by Adobe in the nineties mainly for the reason above and so that people can open it on any operating system without having to install the software used to create it. For example, you can create a PDF using the official Adobe application and your recipient and open it using any PDF viewer. You can even open PDF files from a web browser.

What Are PDF Files Used For?

Since the ability to edit a PDF file once saved is very limited, it is often used for legal and business purposes. An example of a legal document in PDF format is an online government form. You may have experienced filling one out before. To prevent you from making unwanted changes in the document, you can only fill out certain fields or tick certain boxes. This often includes your personal information like your name, age, etc. PDFs are also used for business transactions. It is better to send a CV in PDF format than in Word to ensure that your information stays unchanged. The same goes for the company that may want certain information from you. The company may send you a PDF form that you have to fill out and you will have limited access to editing it.

PDFs are also used for copyrighted content for the same reasons above. They are also very important in education. Most schools ask students to read PDF files as material for learning. There are even eBooks that are in the PDF format.

However, creating and using PDF files often comes with a price. The good news is that there is a service that lets you use plenty of Adobe PDF’s features for free.

gogoPDF Can Do Everything That Other Expensive PDF Software Can Do. For Free!

If you’ve tried to create a PDF using the Adobe software once, you might remember being asked to sign up for a service. Without a subscription, you can only do limited things such as read the file and fill out forms. An Adobe PDF subscription currently costs around $16 per month. With the gogoPDF converter, you can access all the other PDF tools and features for free. Here are some of its features.

Getting Educated With Compress PDF

Size matters… Just until you have to email it. With the gogoPDF Compress PDF tool, you can reduce your files up to 90%.

GogoPDF also allows you to compress or reduce PDF file size. This is one of its unique features not offered in most PDF converters. Compressing your PDF files makes it easier for you to send them via email or save them on your computer, USB, and mobile devices. You will learn more about this feature below and see a detailed guide on how to compress a PDF using gogoPDF.

What Is Compress PDF Useful For?

In the educational sector, when you need to send out a PDF file to at least 20 students, it's important to compress it to the max to not overload email servers. Compressing your PDF document will optimize where necessary. That would also mean a reduction in size in the pictures inside the PDF. But aside from education, is a PDF compressor really useful?

Is it really necessary to compress PDF files? A lot of people prefer PDF files because they are already small in size and are very versatile. However, the fact is that some of them, when they contain large amounts of information, can still be hefty. Yes, some PDF files can be as big as 15MB, and gogoPDF can compress them into as little as 5MB. Depending on the email service that you are using, sending a 15MB file can sometimes take a lot of time but sending a 5MB PDF file will take only a few minutes, sometimes seconds. This tool is a great way to reduce PDF file size.

Aside from sending PDF files via email faster, compressing your PDF document to a smaller size is also useful if you want to save it to your mobile devices. Cellphones and tablets often run out of storage space easily. You can also save space on your USB which is helpful if you are making a presentation and need to insert your USB into another computer.

Will Compressing a PDF File Lower Its Quality?

No. An end-user will have a hard time seeing the difference between the original and the compressed PDF. A compressed PDF file will make it easier for every party—whether you upload it, send it via email, or whether the end-user has to download a smaller-sized file.

How To Use The Compress PDF Function?

  1. To compress your PDF file, select the Compress option which is the first one on the top menu.
  2. Select the file from your folders or download it from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. gogoPDF will start compressing your file.
  4. Once the compress PDF process is done, you can download the compressed file or share it directly via social media.

Tips for Converting Word to PDF

You can convert your .doc and .docx files to PDF using gogoPDF in a few clicks. All you have to do is access the website, click on Convert on the top menu, and select your Word file. gogoPDF will then convert it to PDF and you can download your document without paying anything! You will find a step-by-step guide on how to convert Word to PDF below.

One reason why it’s advantageous and sometimes, even necessary to convert your Word docs to PDF is that it is not ideal for a presentation. Typing your files in Microsoft Word or a normal text editor that produces a .txt file does not look professional. It is also not ideal to send your CV in Word format to a potential employer. On gogoPDF you can convert multiple files at once to PDF.

How To Use The Word To PDF Function?

  1. To convert files, select the Convert option from the top menu, or if you are on the Home Page, select Word to PDF from the options below.
  2. Choose your file or files that you want to convert and upload them then wait for the conversion to finish.
  3. You can now download your PDF files.

Too Many PDFs Will Cause A Headache

Have you ever found yourself with multiple PDFs that need to be merged into one? Manually merging PDF files is normally a tedious task. If you are going to use them for a business or work presentation, that would take so much of your time and energy. gogoPDF provides previews of these PDF slides so you can merge them exactly how you want and in what order you want. Merging PDF files is also a feature in the Adobe app as well as in other PDF converter apps but as mentioned, you often have to pay to use this feature. With the PDF merge feature, combining or merging multiple PDFs is easy and requires no prior experience or expertise.

What is the Merge PDF feature? If you have several Word documents, for example, you can convert them into one PDF file. Or if you have multiple PDF files, you can combine PDF, meaning you can combine all their pages and arrange them accordingly in one PDF document as well. gogoPDF is a great PDF combiner tool!

How To Use The Merge PDF Function?

  1. Go to the gogoPDF website and from the options below or on the top menu, select Merge. It will take you to a page where you can upload your files.
  2. You have the option to select files from your personal computer or download files from Dropbox or Google Drive. Click on the method in which you want to upload your files and select the files you want to merge. You can also drag and drop files directly from your computer’s folders to the toolbox.
  3. Once you have selected multiple files and click open, gogoPDF will now merge them. It will only take a few minutes.
  4. You also have the option to add page numbers to your file. This must be done before you begin the merging process.
  5. You can now download your new PDF document and save it on your computer. You also have the option to share it directly through social media.

Extracting Pages From A PDF

If you have a PDF document with multiple pages, you can split them so that you have separate documents on hand. The split PDF pages feature can be useful if you want to use each document separately for a presentation or if you only need to send a specific section via email. The file will be smaller and the process will be a lot faster. The steps are pretty much the same as in merging PDFs; the only difference is that you have to select Split PDF from the website’s top menu. gogoPDF is a great PDF splitter tool!

What if you have a PDF file with multiple pages but you only need one page? Don’t stress out! gogoPDF has exactly the tool to extract specific pages. Using the gogoPDF Split PDF tool mentioned above, upload your document, and from the preview, select which page or pages you need. gogoPDF will then extract them. It is so easy that a kid who is still in school could do it.

How Do You Split Or Extract Pages Using The Split PDF Tool?

1. If you are on the Home Page, select Split PDF from the options below or click on Split on the top menu.
2. Select the PDF file from your computer or the supported cloud services. gogoPDF will ask you how you want your PDF document to be split or which pages you want to extract. This will extract pages from PDF.
3. Choose your preferred way and it will automatically begin the extraction process.
4. Once gogoPDF has separated your file into multiple pages, you have completed the split PDF process and you can start downloading your files.

WebMetricsGuru Shows You How to Master PDF

GogoPDF’s easy design and user-friendly interface have made it the go-to option for everyone's PDF needs. As WebMetricsGuru has emphasized, gogoPDF is the key ingredient in mastering anything with PDF. Word to PDF, compress PDF, merge PDF, Split PDF, and PDF reader are just some of the functions that you can do online without having to install any software. Each of these features lets you do these with multiple files at once. All for free.

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